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Sound Off: Call letters

I don't think these "W" stations were mentioned that are or were nearby: WDAF and WHB in Kansas City and the former WREN radio that was in Lawrence and then Topeka.

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Town Talk: Minsky's to open in downtown Lawrence; renderings for 31st and Iowa apartments; East Lawrence coffee house up for approval

Shakey's Pizza used to be where the current Pizza Hut is. After Shakey's it remodeled and was an independent pizza restaurant. I don't remember the name though.

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Sears to close Lawrence store

It was a steakhouse at one time. I believe it was a Western Sizzlin Steakhouse, but not sure if that is the correct chain.

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When was the last time you shopped at Sears?

The Lawrence Sears store provides great customer service when it comes to merchandise pick up. I shop online from the convenience of my home and order online and the pick up at the store. When I arrive to pick up my order, the associates process the order very quickly and deliver it to me in less than 5 minutes. I think their goals is 5 minutes or less and from the time you check in your order delivery time is tracked. I have been very pleased with the service.

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Statue of Liberty replica in rural Kansas restored

There is/was one in Leavenworth in front of the post office downtown. I am not sure if it is still there.

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New $1.5M boarding platform unveiled at Santa Fe Depot

It was for more than the platform. The improvements included the new platform, a ramp, railings, new support poles for the canopy, handicap parking signage, parking striping and new lighting for the entire length of the platform. The entire platform is approximately twice the length of the building.

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Burt’s Bees founder wants to donate land for national park

Carter served as President until January 1981. Carter signed the legislation in December 1980. I think that is considered the 1980s.

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Who won this week's Moran-Tiahrt U.S. Senate debate?

I second that!

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East 23rd Street repaving to start Tuesday

At least they are starting this project during the summer when there are fewer people in town. Usually they wait until school starts and the streets are packed with drivers. Finally some common sense!

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Alcohol-awareness gathering honors memory of KU students

Why don't they ever mention in any of the numerous news stories that underage drinking is ILLEGAL?

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