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Lawrence orders shutdown of Community Building gun range

It's been 20+ years since the Gun Free School Zone Act has been passed. This has been an issue with the city in the past. But the city has found the range to be in compliance before. What has changed with the city? Is someone higher up pulling strings?

The law does state if you're in a school zone that your firearm must be in a locked container or be on private property. But if you have a conceal and carry license, you can carry leagally in a school zone. So why can't people with a CCL use the range? After all, it seems that most anti gun people think there should be more training for those who carry. The range has provided a safe, controlled envirement for firearm enthusiasts, young and old for more years than most of us have been alive.

Rant Over....

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19-year-old accused of robbery to face jury trial this spring; woman testifies about violent ordeal

"Afterward prosecutor David Melton moved to drop the charge of possession of a gun by a convicted felon, which was originally filed against Sanders."

What good will more gun laws do if they don't enforce what is on the books already. SMH

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East Ninth Project committee discusses updates to design plan; parking a concern

Does Shelton not realize that there are some residents that only have the option of parking on 9th St? Maybe not in large numbers but their are some. I don't think it's the best neighborhood to park far away and walk to your home at night.

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City sends proposal for shooting range near school back to planning commission

If you have a conceal & carry permit, you do not have to have your firearm locked in a container in a school zone. I'm betting half, if not more, of people that use the range at the community building have one.

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Attorney general seeks data on Colorado marijuana in Kansas

It harms the State of Kansas Revenue. The State of Kansas could benefit greatly from the sales taxes that legalization of marijuana would generate. How much money does it take to prosecute and convict a marijuana user? How many people in Kansas are actual users of marijuana?Does the government in Kansas actually represent the people? And no, I am not one of the users. I just believe there are far worse things out there than stoners.

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Illegal off-road driving damages areas around Douglas State Fishing Lake

Wow, Talk about stereotyping.

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Lawrence City Commission to review East Ninth Street design

Why are they taking away on street parking? Do they realize that the only option for some of the residents and businesses rely on parking along 9th street? And What about visitors for these artsy attractions. Where do they park? On already crowded residential streets?

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Do you think marijuana should be legalized for medical use?

No. Marijuana should NOT be legalized for medical use. It should be made legal for recreational use.

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