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Man arrested on child-solicitation charge

Something tells me he had plans ...

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Morrison's mistress says she didn't leak affair

... exactly, Ramirez, exactly ... well said.

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Morrison's mistress says she didn't leak affair

Yep, a hag.

Why? Because she spoke to Morrison's adversary instead of keeping it a private, civil matter.

Must be something about the name Linda, I dunno.

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Morrison's mistress says she didn't leak affair

RW, check this out ..


I know that KCTV5 isn't perfect, but you have to question his ethics. He's always been sneaky, underhanded and clearly on a crusade. And in my opinion, yeah, he's breaking the law, or at least bending it. At best, he's abusing it for his own political and financial advantage.

I don't care who you vote for .. sometimes the people on your own team are bad news.

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Morrison walking away

"Governor Sebelius was a main factor in the selection of Paul Morrison to run for attorney general as a Democrat in 2006," said Kansas Republican Party Chairman Kris Kobach. "The people of Kansas should question whether the governor can be trusted."

No, Kris ... the people of Kansas should question whether you should be trusted. Didn't you go to jail for mortgage fraud?

How ridiculous to try and tie this to Sebelius. Gimme a break. It's like Salem all over again ...

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Morrison's mistress says she didn't leak affair

Fabulous Phill lives in Topeka (not Johnson Co as he technically claims, by renting a room in Spring Hill).

The Capital-Journal is in Topeka.

Do the math.

And Morrison is a fool for being in the affair with that hag to begin with. He ruined a potentially promising political career.

Now .. how to get rid of Phill ?

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Kline hires special prosecutor to target Morrison

"" Phil!!! you da' man ""


WTF is wrong with you Kline-lovers?

You think this guy is actually good?

Wow ... I bet you all bought William Hung's CDs too ...

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Kline hires special prosecutor to target Morrison

Why would this woman do ANYTHING for Phill Kline? Why would she accuse Morrison of Kline-related wrongdoing? Does she know him? Are they in cohoots? How did Phill get so lucky all of a sudden?

This seems more and more like a sneaky Kline effort every day!!!

Maybe the STATE Attorney General ie Morrison, should hire a special investigator to investigate Phill Kline's use of work hours and his sneaky "residence" claim in Johnson County!!

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Should Attorney General Paul Morrison resign over sexual harassment allegations?

Kobach is one of the Repugnants leading the charge.

Yeah, like he has room to talk after his brush with the law, in which he actually spent (a small amount of) time in the can.

Hypocrite M-F's ...

No matter how much the Dems make you sick, the Repubs are just as friggin bad.

One is a donkey (big mouth ass) and the other one an elephant (craps everywhere while treading on the little people).

No wonder more people don't vote!

BTW, yeah, I agree that this is a "jilted lover" scenario. It also has Fabulous Phill lurking in the background, pulling the strings to take attention off of his "resident of Johnson County" issue. Funny how he lives in Topeka 99% of the time ...

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Bush damage

Fox news "fair and balanced" ?

Don't make me laugh ..

Last night on "Try it before you buy it" - the Xmas toy they showed was the American Idol game. Strange ... isn't that a Fox show? And strange that it got the thumbs up?

ALL the networks are biased. They all do it, every one of them, even PBS, which occasionally leans a bit liberal.

As for Bush & Co, yeah, they're crooks. I don't care who you vote for, this is easily the worst administration ever .. even Republicans (those who have the guts to speak up) have acknowledged that!

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