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It’s official: Brownback signs bill saying life begins at fertilization

Silence, zygote. There is no god but the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and he could give a flip about who gets an abortion. He's busy making sure there is plenty of beer and strippers for the afterlife. All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!

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4-year-old Ottawa boy injured in shooting

Yeah, that one was in the national news. Huff Post covered it. Good try though.

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Water lilies invade KU’s Potter Lake

Yup, that's what I would do. You could even sell them online. Advertise on CL and maybe even sell lilies on Ebay and the problem won't be a problem for long! Or, just open it up to people wanting free lilies, like you said. Wish I lived closer I"d be happy to take some.

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Officers testify about finding bound, blindfolded children at Lawrence Walmart

Such a sick and sad situation. :(

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Did you think the Jayhawks would make it even to the Final Four this year?

I have them winning the whole thing. :)

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Self: Team thrives on unity

That's how I feel, too. I selfishly want him to stay at KU forever, but he deserves the chance to prove himself and shine as a head coach. No doubt he's learned from the best. Whatever he decides, he gets my best wishes for success.

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Do you think moving in together before marriage will later prevent divorce?

I lived with the ex-fiance for three years, it didn't work out. I dated my now-husband for 11 days and we eloped to Vegas. This year will be our 13th wedding anniversary. So it's just the luck of the draw, I guess. I'm so much happier, I like to say I needed to learn what I didn't want before I could recognize what I *did* want. And I'm glad, because I love my husband with all my heart.

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'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act' contains more than tax issues

Point is, whether a woman gets an abortion or not is her business. Not yours or anyone else's. If you don't like it, don't get one.

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KU is No. 2 seed in Midwest region, will face 15th-seeded Detroit at approximately 8:57 p.m. Friday

Hoping they go to Phoenix, I'll finally be able to go to a game.

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