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A driving force: Taylor helps KU subdue CU, reach title game

Dear ESPN,

Thank you for your exciting pre game coverage of the Texas/KU game. I enjoyed hearing a Duke player interviewed after their team's win. Perhaps I missed it, but what did he have to say about the hugely important Big 12 Championship coverage that began with the tipoff?

Then after the KU game, you at ESPN cleverly cut away to spotty coverage of other games and talking heads unbounded. Now I am rejoicing in the twenty minute pregame of the Big East final complete with the national anthem.

We here in the midwest are thrilled to see such extensive focus on the Big East and ACC. The teams there are so special. I hope someday teams like Ohio State and my Jayhawks can live up to their standards.

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Should people be required to show identification when voting?

No need. Responsible public officials from both parties say there is no fraud problem. It's a figment of Kobach's fears. Also, isn't it ironic that it is Kobach and Republicans who are trying to add another layer of government.

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Obama, liberals have overreached

President Obama attempted to involve Congressional Republicans in forming a deficit reduction committee. He was rebuffed and then the President appointed an advisory committee on the same topic that is currently functioning. To the consternation of his base, President Obama earlier had also attempted to negotiate with the GOP on health care issues. Remember all those phone calls to Olympia Snow? She was one of the few who was willing to talk.

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Obama, liberals have overreached

I disagree with Mr. Will when he says if Democrats retain both Houses people will blame Obama and Democrats for all that is dysfunctional in Washington. This person thinks there's plenty of blame to share. While Democrats are far from perfect, I have never seen a more obstructionist right wing ideologically biased group of individuals as is the current GOP. They tear down well; they do nothing to build. I long for the days of moderates like Bob Dole and diplomats like James Baker and Brent Snowcroft. These were people who worked across the aisle and across the world for the benefit of all. There aren't any Bob Doles out there now, just Mitch McConnells and Sarah Palins. God help us.

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KU business school’s use of fees questioned

I suspect the AACSB salary survey included many smaller, less research oriented schools. A better comparison of salaries would be among peer group institutions. How do the Business School salaries compare in the Big 12?

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Big 12 not dead yet

An SI blog says Oklahoma and OSU are on their way to the Pac 10. That's in contrast with the LJWorld story that the Big12 - 2 will stay together. You've got to wonder if anybody knows what is happening, let alone what is going to happen. Conclusion: it's too soon to say. We'll have to wait.

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Alumni, locals react to Perkins' retirement

How exactly did our AD earn his huge salary this past year? Being so well connected, did Lou see the Big 12 split coming? Did Lou succeed in heading it off? Did he even try to head it off? Did he make contingency plans? What are they?

Tell us, Lou. What's the deal? I would think you'd relish changing the subject from internal affairs. But then, the disintegration of the Big 12 isn't a happy story either.

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Lew Perkins set to retire as Kansas University's athletic director at end of 2010-11 school year

Lou's resigning in a year. So what.

The question is what is he, as AD for Kansas, going to do about the ever widening Big 12 split. I hope his plan is better than BP's and it isn't as secret as Lou's being lent the equipment he wasn't responsible for. Fans want to know how Kansas will deal with being dumped.

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FINAL: Marcus Morris rescues KU late in 59-54 victory over No. 24 Texas A&M

I felt better about the possible outcome toward the end of the game when Sherron misses another shot and time out is called. On the sidelines you can see Sherron grin in response to something Self said. I'd love to know what it was coach told his players at that point. They played A level defense after that.

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Marcus proves mettle

I had to laugh at the TV commentators' impressions of Marcus Morris and Cole Aldrich. It was like this was the only KU game they've seen this year....which might be true. Cole had 21 points and the TV voices thought he was a great workman like player with Marcus being the star. With all due respect to Marcus Morris, Cole's contributions to the team are huge. I don't mind them crediting Morris who played a great game, but Cole plays great games far more often and with greater consistency; they seemed oblivious to that fact.

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