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Brownback tells regents to improve academic rankings of schools

FYI: Business Week in its August 7, 2011 issue ranked areas in business schools...not schools themselves, areas within the schools. KU's Undergraduate Accounting Program came in 17th nationwide, and 7th if you just list public universities. Business Law did well too, but I don't recall the ranking....perhaps 28th?

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Vigil for SRS

To your second point: I have spoken with dozens of Christians, Republican and Democrat, who oppose the closing. Government failure to adequately deal effectively and efficiently with it's obligations is not an issue that belongs to one group. Please don't try to turn this into another "us/them" issue. Our political world is too full of people who don't respect others. The closing hurts ALL of Lawrence.

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SRS closing has political tone

There is a difference between patronage jobs and basic services. Would Kansans accept that the State could stop contributing to repairing roads in Lawrence? How about closing our DMV office 50 % of the work week to save money? SRS work is a basic service that all Kansans deserve.

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Statehouse Live: SRS salaries come under question as agency plans to close offices; Lawrence workers can't go to Topeka

PS I'm old and unfamiliar with how computer networking operates. Maybe you can get young people who know contemporary technology to work with passing on the message (that our SRS office should be restored) electronically.

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Statehouse Live: SRS salaries come under question as agency plans to close offices; Lawrence workers can't go to Topeka

Protests and forums in Lawrence won't move the current administration. They need to hear from voters statewide. Someone in the know, possessed of facts and figures, should gather data and write a one page paper that highlights the reasons why closing the Lawrence office is an inefficient, ineffective, expensive choice. No name calling. Just facts logically and appealingly written. Maybe it should be a two part message: data (e.g. increased cost to law enforcement) and real life examples (e.g.story of a person who can't use a computer or drive and still needs help he won't get easily).

Then network the letter with a personal request from the Lawrence resident that those who read it and support our cause agree to contact the Governor/SRS Director. Provide email addresses and/or addressed postcards. The network should start, but not be limited to, social service organizations, judicial groups, law enforcement personnel, churches, well known philanthropists and civic minded Kansans, including prominent sports figures. The letter should also be sent to newspapers/tv stations in the state. Ask a development person or one in public relations to fine tune the process. If one person in Lawrence contacts three people outside the city who in turn contact the Governor/SRS Director, our voice gets louder. Maybe they'll listen. Maybe.

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Local agencies say people will lose services, costs shifted if SRS office is closed by Brownback

I'll sign your petition for better and more proximate vet care. Our military personnel deserve better than they have been receiving. But I wonder if any protest about SRS will change the decision made by a government that seeks no input from its citizens. The welfare of our people is not a prime concern of the State of Kansas administration.

Also, I don't see how closing the Lawrence SRS office is a precursor to initiating reform. The rent money (if the lease can be broken without cost) obtained by eliminating our office will not flow to bring about reform. Most likely it will go to pay for the out of state consultants who made the choice to close the local office in the first place. Or perhaps the state will use it to cover the legal bills for their Planned Parenthood lawsuit.

Besides I don't buy the idea that closing the office will save money. Office space and utitilty costs will be increased at other facilities. Travel costs will expand. Computer and phone costs will grow. And our people will suffer so that some out of state bean counters can justify their consultancy. Dumb decision.

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Statehouse Live: SRS announces appointment of new communications director

If the Governor would cut an SRS office because its in an area that won't vote for him, then the man is not just a slick politician, but a morally corrupt one. We're not talking fringe benefits, new construction, or preferential access; we are talking about basic services that all citizens deserve. Lawrence pays taxes too.

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Statehouse Live: SRS announces appointment of new communications director

Governor Brownback and the SRS are now trying to put lipstick on a pig. The problem with closing the Lawrence office doesn't lie in the cosmetics of announcing the decision; the problem is the decision itself.

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Kansas defense reinvents itself

Right, Richmond/KU game. I was thinking ahead.

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Kansas defense reinvents itself

Of all the articles about the VCU/KU game, and I've read many, this the most interesting. The others rehashed something I saw or knew. This gave insight and explanation to what I saw and knew. Good job, Tom.

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