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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

We live in a society that largely puts it's faith in guns. Time, energy and treasure are expended in promoting unfettered access to lethal weapons at the expense of common sense restrictions. How many of us were as offended at the legislature's cutting food stamps for the poor as we were about Mr. Guth's words? What are our values that we get extremely upset about the blathering of a prof but are not even irritated when the state makes life more difficult for those who are hungry? Nasty hateful words are to be abhorred. But the next time our legislature acts against the interests of the least among us, please join me in being as vigorous in expressing condemnation for their actions.

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Twisted ending: Ben McLemore suffers minor ankle injury in KU rout over Baylor

Why didn't Self put the subs in at the end of the game?

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Roberts, Moran vote for bill avoiding fiscal cliff; Jenkins, Yoder, Pompeo, Huelskamp vote against it

So many Republicans are afraid of a primary from the right. I'd like to see Lynn Jenkins challenged from the moderate center, from a Bob Dole type politician who can work with the other side. Any suggestions as to whom that person could be? I am sick of the radical right and long for sanity.

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Four-ward! Believe it — KU in Final Four

I know, I know, one game at a time. However, if you need a further reason to dislike the Kentucky Wildcats, watch Andy Katz's interview with John Calipari that's been playing on ESPN. Katz asks him how it feels to be considered the team to beat. Good ol' John revises history and doesn't remember being the favorite in 2008 when his touted team choked and lost to the Jayhawks in overtime. He then pretends surprise that the Cats are top rated this year. What an annoying excuse for a coach!

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Charlie Weis introduced at KU

I was ambivalent about the hire of Weiss. Then I listened to him at the news conference. He came across as knowledgeable, committed, and quite the family man. But I was most impressed with his description of how he got to where he was (Parcells and Belchick were his mentors), his grasp of the pros vs. the college game, and his plans...step one: to recruit good coaches who could work well together. He appears to have learned many lessons in his long career. I hope he coaches as well as he presented himself at today's news conference..

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Kansas loses bowl carrot

Kansas loses bowl carrot.
Snow falls in the mountains.
Tuesday follows Monday.

Tell me something I can't figure out for myself.

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Kansas Arts Commission dropped fundraiser in budget fuss

Governor Brownback over rode the will of the Kansas Legislature and vetoed modest funding for the arts that would have provided additional federal funds and more jobs for the people of Kansas.

When he was governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney provided the model for the new health care law.

President Obama learned how to provide health care from Romney. Now Governor Brownback gave us all a real life lesson in ignoring the legislature. Maybe Governor Brownback is the one who inspired President Obama to do an end around Congress and issue all those "help the people" executive orders. What goes around comes around.

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NEA delivers bad news to Kansas Arts Commission

You're setting up false choices when you say we either hurt education or fund arts. Why not get rid of the consultants from Florida who screwed up royally with the SRS office closings or eliminate the lawyers who are being paid to decimate Planned Parenthood?! The legislature wanted to fund the arts. Like ALL governors (Democratic and Republican), the legislature has to live within a balanced budget too. They represent the will of the people on this issue. Brownback doesn't.

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NEA delivers bad news to Kansas Arts Commission

Governor Brownback's priorities are not mine. That, on its face, is OK. People disagree. The problem is that Governor Brownback is imposing his opinions on the state unilaterally. He is not acting as a public servant; he is behaving as a despot. Closing SRS offices and taxing residents twice to get service is certainly not a concept supported by the people of the state, Developing tax policy behind closed doors is not in the public interest. Throwing away federal funds for arts and insurance development aligns with his philosophy. What indication is there that Kansans would be so short sighted?

Sam is living his prejudices and is making our lives worse for it. It's past time for the legislature to provide some check to his extremism.

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