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Sound Off: Leash law in Lawrence

Exactly jafs, if EVERYONE kept their dogs on a leash no one would have to keep their dogs at home.

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Sound Off: Leash law in Lawrence

It sounds to me like KansasLiberal wants the law abiding citizens to go home and suck it while the people who choose not to follow the laws can go freely about their business doing whatever they choose. I'll admit the gun analogy was the wrong choice. My bad.

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Drivers education class registration is Saturday

The registration at Free State is for both schools.

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Do you have any superstitions related to Kansas basketball?

Edward Marginalized comment made it to the LJWorld.

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Veterans Day has deep meaning for boy turning 11 today

Happy Birthday Daniel!!

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Lawrence police identify person of interest, vehicle in Oct. 16 fatal hit-and-run

Hard to imagine that all 3 adults in that car were too drunk to know that they hit something... must have been really, really drunk. It's a wonder they didn't hit anything, or anyone, else.

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Lawrence police identify person of interest, vehicle in Oct. 16 fatal hit-and-run

"zstoltenberg (Anonymous) says…

Great sleuthing Smitty, but it's dGso.org. Hope 'ol Asgele has a good story… if that's the right one. (Didn't see anything else that matched.) How sad is it that the comments section has more news than the newspaper!?"

I wonder if the person listed below Asgele is also involved. He was arrested for Interf W/Duties Officer and both of their case numbers are the same. Could he have been the passenger?

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Take a bite out of your morning coffee

It's a blog that some of us find very useful and are very appreciative that someone has taken the time to put together! Not all of us working moms can find the time to scour all the papers and the internet to find these deals. Every penny helps right now and I thank these ladies for their time and effort!

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Homeless shelter seeks to expand capacity at existing location

AreUNorml ~ I bet he has his $400 Blackberry in his pocket, too!

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Women's intuition: Is it the real thing?

I use to have an intuition, but it wasn't as good as the commercial on TV made it out to be, so I threw it away.

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