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Do you think people who are homeless should get a discount on bus fare?

Yes to the ride -- no to using it as a shelter -- yes to adding that anyone with a Medicare A & B card can ride free.

BTW, I'm not at all influenced by the fact that I will be retiring soon :)

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Graduation numbers improve in Lawrence school district

good point, tanzer

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Analysis: Obama, on the attack, finds subdued Romney

Must be. The first and last debates were disappointing to me. Its so hard to watch a debate with only one participant.

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Analysis: Obama, on the attack, finds subdued Romney

What was that odd cobra-stare Obama used through 95% of the debate? I understood it's use the first couple of times, but then it seemed to become locked in place and looked more than a little contrived and well, silly. I wonder who told him that was a good idea?

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Kansas Supreme Court to review 2 Douglas County murder cases this week

Does anyone know if Jerry Deshazer attended a local Baptist church?

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‘Healing to be had’ after fatal crash

I quit reading at "had made some poor decisions."

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Sound Off: I am a Lawrence property owner, resident and taxpayer. Why are city residents like myself

So, if I own twice as much property, and contribute twice as much compost material, shouldn't I be given priority over those with lesser land? And, because of my greater contribution, I should be able to purchase twice as much compost for the same price as the above mentioned lesser land owner. Right?

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Jenkins says Schlingensiepen should apologize to her for comment

Schlingensiepen can't go to DC, he doesn't even whiten his teeth!

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