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Adair wants focus on early childhood education

If you we're at the bond presentations, you heard Doll say that more classrooms would alow them to charge a fee. Thus, this would not be free. If you we're at the same presentation that I was at, you heard here ask how the bidding for wireless would be done. I didn't think anything about that until I heard that she and her husband run an Internet company. On her website she said that she was going to expand all day kindergarten, but how would she do that when we have all day kindergarten. That has now been reomoved. Her website and facebook page is boderline inappropriate (come drink with her to celebrate her birthday). She is not well informed, and would be a disaster on the school board.

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Sanburn seeks public engagement on wide range of issues

Charter schools, on average, do no better than public schools, and in many cases do worse than public schools. And they drain money from public schools to boot. But let's get to the real reason for your post; you are still ticked off that WV was closed. I was too, but I got over it. You should too.

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Adair wants focus on early childhood education

At the recent forum she was asked her position on Wakarusa Valley. Support or oppose the closing, and even if I disagree, the candidate has thought about it. But she lost my vote when she said that she didn't know what that was. Her responses here have not won it back. Getting new vendors to offset state cuts? Pre-school is important, but what about the other levels of education? And if you are successful in getting all these kids into the system, where do you put them? Three additional classrooms are not going to do it. At the forum she seemed like a very nice person, but she hasn't been paying attention to the issues, and doesn't seem to know much about the district beyond pre-K.

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Legislature considering measures to move local elections to November, allow partisanship

This is merely the latest in a series of colossally stupid bills brought to us by the Koch lackeys in the legislature. Consider also that a school board election in November would seat a new school board in January - smack dab in the middle of the school year. Then again maybe the idea is to disrupt educational programming as much as possible.

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House budget committee proposes holding funding to current levels for wages and salaries for higher education

Man they hate themselves same universities and the fancy intellectuals who works at them. No book learning for these representatives, so none for nobody else.

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PAC formed to support Lawrence school district bond issue

When I open my property tax bill next year and it is the same as last year's then there is no tax increase. Your definition is creative indeed. Have you gone to an informational meeting? Have you talked to school board members? Have you read the information on the website? But then, why bother to inform yourself when anonymous character assassination on these forums is so much easier.

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PAC formed to support Lawrence school district bond issue

There are plans for each and every school that are posted on the school district website. I find the transparency of this board refreshing.

As to the earlier point about a "blank check" I have to ask are you serious? They have spelled out in pretty explicit detail where the money will be spent. And new schools? No one is talking about new schools. Facilities do matter. Blatant lie and bait and switch? Where is your evidence?

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PAC formed to support Lawrence school district bond issue

Wow, you cannot imagine the answer about Sunset Hill. so there no reason to even ask the question. Wow.
How in world would reopening WVschool negate the needs of the six schools that are in need? But I get it, you are still upset about Wakarusa, so let's hold 6 year olds going to school in portables accountable for the decisions made by a previous board,

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PAC formed to support Lawrence school district bond issue

I don't know the reason for Sunset Hills, but you can ask. There are a bunch of informational settings, or you could call or e-mail board members, so there is no reason for that question to go unanswered for you. As for using the other buildings, I am pretty sure they are being used, but even if not what if the growth is not in those areas? Or, can you imagine the nightmare of redrawing boundaries to move kids there, which then creates empty space in the buildings they moved from? And even if you did move kids to these buildings, the remaining buildings have gone for far too long without being modernized. It is time to do the right thing.

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PAC formed to support Lawrence school district bond issue

Skags and GMom05
You are wrong about the excess space. That may have been true in the past, but with the growth in the elementary population it is no longer true. I agree that people need to be educated about this and to ask questions, but there are lots of opportunities to ask these questions. The distinct has scheduled 13 more informational settings across the community ( There is a lot of information at these meetings and on the district website, so there is just no reason for anyone to be uninformed. What I learned at the session I went to, among other things, is that New York is starting to grow and that they will be overcrowded without additional space. New York is, and will remain, a small school but that is not the same thing as not being able to fill the building. This bond will, finally, do things like get rid of portables, improve security, and generally fix the schools that have been neglected for so long. It is the respectful thing to do for our kids; finally, they are investing in schools and these kids rather than closing buildings, which I find to be a refreshing change from the last school board.

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