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Familiarity of Rim Rock helps LHS, Free State runners

Hop2lt- First off, I would like to ask, are high school students not capable of taking good photographs? Could you do a better job? Because if you can take a better photograph then please get out there and do so! Or would it be too early for you to get up on a Saturday... I've competed for Free State's varsity cross country team for four years and I'm now running at the collegiate level. In all four years at FS and even now in college, the Rim Rock Classic has had the greatest turn out of spectators than any other event I've ever ran in. Every other meet seems to lack in comparison and it is discouraging for runners. For a cross runner to go to their schools football game the night before a race and see the stadium filled with students and locals of Lawrence, and then go to a race the next morning where they look around and see no class mates cheering them on is very upsetting. So if you are not happy with the LJW's photo coverage, then maybe you should do these runners a service and go watch them run yourself. You'd be doing yourself a favor considering these athletes are competing in the toughest sport they can sign up for.

Hail2OldKU- Maybe you are unaware that the Free State head coach lives on Rim Rock Farm. This means that after the meet is over, he has no free time to simply, "shoot and e mail" to the paper. He is helping tear down an incredibly huge meet from the minute the final runner crosses the line. Trust me, I've helped set up Rim Rock for some cross country meets. Its very tough work. So tough that I once got 12 stitches on my fore head. Like I said, TOUGH WORK.

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