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Kansas lawmakers consider legalizing medical marijuana

Mr. Ed says "legalizing usage for some people makes stopping illegal marijuana use more difficult."

Shirley, we need more of a documented source than "Mr. Ed says."

I read the Denver Post daily. Just last week, there was an article on an illegal marijuana grow that led to a Nebraska distribution network.

$1.3 billion in LEGAL medical & recreational marijuana sales brought in close to $200 million in taxes and fees last year, the Colorado Department of Revenue said.

By comparison, the LJW recently ran an article which stated KS ag exports were $3.2 billion in 2015.

Even Mr. Ed would tell Wilbur "that's a lot of oats."

Parachute, CO: pop. 1,100:

"Colorado mountain town approves first drive-through marijuana shop
Marijuana accounted for nearly 30 percent of the community’s 2016 sales tax revenue of just over $1 million"

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Douglas County sheriff and his mother under investigation for voter fraud; case reveals quirk in Kansas voting law

IMHO, the "intent to return" & "Laissez-faire" are bedrock Republican principles in Kansas. How else can we view Senators Bob Dole & Pat Roberts?

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Chinese national in Kansas guilty in engineered rice theft

THANX for correcting me, it has been some time since I worked @ a TS-SCIF.

Perhaps you know the specifics of contractor-investigated clearances? How did that last NSA TS documents "hoarder" go undetected for 20 YEARS, if his clearance was reviewed every 5?

"For indicted NSA contractor, hoarding classified documents became an obsession

The 12-page indictment accuses Martin of removing classified information during a 20-year period when he was employed by seven different private companies working for parts of the U.S. intelligence community, then amassing the top-secret material in his Glen Burnie, Maryland, home."

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Chinese national in Kansas guilty in engineered rice theft

The AP fails to mention Weiqiang Zhang was a researcher @ KSU prior to joining Ventria.

His accomplice was a USDA rice scientist @ the Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center, Stuttgart, AR.

The alarming concern these convictions raise is that both individuals passed some type of background investigation & were in their positions for some time before being caught. I'm sure that KSU & USDA security investigations are not nearly as detailed as those the DHS will use @ the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility. However, the Dual Use Research of Concern to be conducted @ the NBAF can be "reasonably anticipated to provide knowledge, information, products, or technologies that could be directly misapplied to pose a significant threat with broad potential consequences to public health and safety, agricultural crops and other plants, animals, the environment, materiel, or national security."

We continue to witness a number of National Security Agency contract employees turn out to have removed Top Secret - Sensitive Compartmented Information from secure work sites. This same danger will exist for 250-300 DURC researchers at the NBAF for 50 years, 2023-2073. Security investigations are carried out prior to employment; and seldom reviewed over the employee's tenure.

The long term safety & security of bringing the NBAF to Kansas, AND Dual Use Research of Concern, was never mentioned to the public. DURC, in fact, only became a term after KSU was picked as the NBAF site. When questioned about TS-SCI areas planned for the NBAF, DHS's answer was that there would be a TS-SCI "room," where "the FBI could question researchers."

Prior to the FBI naming a researcher @ the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases as the ANTHRAX MAILER, USAMRIID conducted "DURC" under a SECRET security level. USAMRIID has since built a new lab "campus," with all facilities having TS-SCI security protocols. All contractors who worked on building the new USAMRIID "campus" had to pass TS-SCI security investigations. It is my understanding that those currently building the NBAF also passed TS-SCI investigations. Once the NBAF is operational, you will have to have a "need to know" + TS-SCI clearance to hear specifics of anything, good or bad, going on there.

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Wichita businessman Wink Hartman running for Kansas governor

Shades of the Kansas State Fair, REO Speedwagon will be playing Wink's arena on March 24 . . .

"Mr. Wink Hartman is the Owner of Wichita Wings. Mr. Hartman oversees a variety of companies including Hartman Oil Company, which under his leadership has become one of the largest independent oil producers in the state of Kansas. He held a variety of positions starting in the oil fields beginning at the age of 14. His work history continued on and included everything from house painting to advertising sales to building speculative houses. In 1990, he returned again to the oil business when he purchased Hartman Oil Company. He is also the Owner of both the Wichita Wild Professional Indoor Football Team and The Wichita Wings Professional Indoor Soccer Team; both of which play out of Hartman Arena. He was named 2008 “Businessman of the Year” by the Wichita Business Journal, and was also enshrined in the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame at Butler Community College in 2009. Mr. Hartman graduated from Wichita State University with double majors in marketing and economics."

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Plans for whitewater rafting facility at Clinton State Park still alive; developer talks about environmental issues of project

"Wise anticipates that type of development will require a footprint of 30 to 40 acres."

That => a 30 to 40 acres REDUCTION in per capita public lands, ensuring Kansas' 50th place as dead last. What's Wise's wisdom on MITIGATION of taking public lands out of public access (you must pay to play on those acres, right?).

In meetings concerning mitigation of development projects held with representatives of KDWP&T, EPA, CoE, USF&WS, NCRS; KDWP&T has repeatedly nixed accepting land as a mitigating factor for development. KDWP&T's reluctance to accept developer-purchased land for mitigation of development should be explained to the public. Instead, we now hear that KDWP&T wanted to give up public land to a developer; further reducing per capita public lands & NO NEED TO MITIGATE.

KDWP&T's reluctance to increase pubic lands in Kansas is a major impediment to establishing a "larger strategy to begin changing the image of Kansas." The current image/policy is "we don't think enough of public lands in Kansas to increase opportunities beyond our 50th place standing."

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Loophole could allow 18-year-olds to carry concealed guns in Kansas

Awwwwwww, Bobbing for citations, yet again!

Bangor Population 33,036 Violent crime: 76 Murder and non negligent manslaughter: 6

Leawood Population 32,554 Violent crime: 18 Murder and non negligent manslaughter: 1

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Senate halts debate on spending cuts, tax package; Kansas' credit outlook revised to 'negative'

"until consensus is reached on an alternative plan."

It might just be dyslexia, but I swear I read "until NONSENSUS is reached on an alternative plan."

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2 Kansas men spared prison in prosecution over state gun law

No, I would NOT agree that ignorance is ever an excuse for breaking the law.

I read the Denver Post daily. There are articles nearly every week on DEA & Colorado LE busts of illegal marijuana grows.

Assuming he had a valid Federal Firearms Dealer license, the gun dealer was well aware he was breaking federal law => no one would be foolish enough not to familiarize oneself with the federal laws governing the business.

IMHO, these 2 became gun rights "volunteers," when their bros all yelled "way to go" & stepped back 2 paces.

I have no doubt that these 2 are "folk heroes" to some. Wouldn't surprise me IF the KS legislature passed a new law in violation of Federal law & named it the Cox & Kettler Act (in Ignorance).

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