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Letter: Unfair taxes

My family brought the first steam-powered thresher W of the Mississippi to Kansas in the 1880s. When did you libertarians* arrive?

I don't really believe that "left in peace" scenario. You want to live with taxation only to support "X, Y & Z." You make claims that the founding fathers only named X Y & Z as Federal powers. That was 1789. In the past 226 YEARS, American citizens, through constitutional amendments, have discovered "A-W," & have their elected representatives enact taxation policies to fund them.

WHEN you gather enough villagers, go to the polls & demand that I & everyone else "do what I (Anarchy Bart) tell you." That's how our country works.

*In the 1950s many with classical liberal beliefs in the United States began to describe themselves as "libertarian." Russell, Dean (May 1955). "Who Is A Libertarian?". The Freeman (The Foundation for Economic Education)

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Kansas House approves new tax plan after governor's plea

Boy are Kansans gullible!

After cleaning all our bumpers, I Googled "Come to Kansas. See the GOP endgame," only to find no bumper stickers available (YET).

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Letter: Unfair taxes

Mr. Nott -> I admire your decision, I made the same one in 2008, when I realized my native state was spending my tax $ to spread propaganda about the NBAF (primarily re: safety & security: see

The local CoC mobilized the minute an anti-NBAF billboard was put up over People's Grocery Cooperative Exchange. The landlord phoned & the lease would not be renewed unless the billboard came down.

So, I took your route (other than groceries). We spent ~ $60k on property improvements with out-of-county contractors (= profits & wages out-of-county). UPS & FedEx know our address. Local taxes can be spent in Pott Co (all local taxing authorities bought into NBAF).

It seems to me that the real "voices" in the continuing legislative tailspin to be resolved by increasing taxes only on the current taxpayers = a triumvirate:

Ruler #1 => Koch Brothers (see #2)

Ruler #2 => Sam the Sham & The SayNos ("My Gov's Crocodile Tears" released last week)

Ruler #3 => Kansas Chamber of Commerce

The ONLY post-election tactic I can currently utilize is to deny sales taxes to be used in the continuation of the failed "Experiment." It's not an action I take lightly. In 2008, I walked into a local business I had shopped with forever. I explained my position on the NBAF & that I was eliminating local purchases as much as possible. The co-owner understood. I called 2 new car dealerships & spoke with the sales mgrs. I told them that lending cars to KSU for its first "3rd World Emerging Zoonotic Diseases" conference in support of the BRI & NBAF would be remembered (new Nissan was purchased in OP; parts, www),

I stil hold out the belief that at some point the majority of Kansans will get up off their knees in the shallow end of the gene pool & REVOLT!

As for you Libertarians. Please move to somewhere more in line with your perspective, Liberia comes to mind. And sorry, I don't have any screen doors.

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KU students headed to trial over records related to business teacher with Koch ties

& the corollary question would be Are the credits Dean Neeli Bendapudi has received by hosting Hall's classes valid if he is indeed found to Not be a KU employee? And are they as redeemable as her Chamber of Commerce Plugged Nickels?

Video touts unity between Chamber, state

By Mary Clark in The Hutchinson News | Updated 10 months ago

"Gov. Sam Brownback and top leaders in the Kansas Legislature took turns before the camera for a new video promoting the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

The University Of Kansas' School Of Business Dean Neeli Bendapudi is the only person from academia who appears. . . .

Bendapudi served as master of ceremonies at the Chamber's annual banquet this year, and she "was a natural for inclusion in the video," O'Neal said."

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KU students headed to trial over records related to business teacher with Koch ties

Professors come to KSU as conservatives "because they are not accountable or responsible for anything" (other than their mindset).

Case in point, is this weekly column in The Manhattan Mercury " by the honorary political journalist" (which used to have the KSU byline):

Dale R. Herspring, a University Distinguished Professor at KSU and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, is a retired Foreign Service officer and Navy captain.

Dr. Dale Herspring is a University Distinguished Professor ... and has published more than 100 articles and books including Rumsfeld's Wars: The Arrogance of Power (2008), NOTE, THIS WAS AFTER ~ 4 YEARS OF COLUMNS BACKING BUSH, RUMSFELD & CHENEY

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KU students headed to trial over records related to business teacher with Koch ties

FYI: that means of searching is drilling down to your own preconceptions. You're searching for a statement to reinforce your notion & therefore, are NOT likely to get any other results.

The WaPo gives me a limited # of "free" visits. I'm not about to subscribe, nor waste one of those visits, based upon your claim. Perhaps your WaPo hit contains your phrase, preceded by:


as I've posted before, "DEAD IN THE WOOL REPUBLICANS" is not meant to be derogatory; just a lesson I learned from my Dad (RIP). ANY TIME Dad & I would discuss politics, and he was playing a bad hand, he would resolve the discussion by stating: "Roosevelt started WWII by keeping the fleet in Pearl Harbor," end of discussion.

Such is the statement "over 90% of college professors (and journalists) vote for Democrats." IMHO, you will be convinced of that until the day you die. You are entitled to your opinion. Have a good day!

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KU students headed to trial over records related to business teacher with Koch ties

NO, I'm blinded by the Kansas regression.

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KU students headed to trial over records related to business teacher with Koch ties

"over 90% of college professors (and journalists) vote for Democrats"

Never been to KSU, WSU, PSU, FHSU, or ESU?

KSU has institutionalized conservative values -> just a dairy product?

A large % of Ag faculty belong to the Manhattan Faith Evangelical Free Church. From my personal experience, new faculty are invited by interviewing faculty member(s) to join. (Do you think it's a coincidence that the previous Dairy Prof, his replacement (Associate Professor/Extension Specialist ) & Associate Professor (Lactation) were Evangelicals at the same point in time?

Take a look sometime @ the KSU Landon Lecture Series

Generals, NSA Chief, DHS Secretary, Secretary of Defense (Rumsfeld, on day after resignation).

KSU Cultural Anomalies:

Timothy Leary spoke shortly before his death, he was invited by Physics Dept.

Bob Dylan played to a sparse crowd in Bramlage Coliseum.

There is no "artisan bakery" in a town w/KSU's bakery, feed and milling sciences and management degrees; & the American Institute of Baking?

Do you really think IF KSU had 90% Democrats, the NBAF would be coming here?

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Doonesbury comic strip takes on Kansas taxes

"defy logic"

surely there's a potential KS DWP&Tourism slogan right there.

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Editorial: Get practical

With every legislative proposal, NickyJ's enigmatic figurative composition "My Numbers Don't Add Up (to nuthin' much)" appears to be their theme song.

IF the voters & legislature hadn't bought Sam The Sham & The SayNOs' only album, "I Shot The Adrenaline*,” hook, line & sinker, perhaps this headline would not be in yesterday's Washington Post:

Kansas reaps the whirlwind of its right-wing experiment

*The Sham's lucrative contract with PAYOLA RECORDS has bankrolled Brownback's Atlas of Road Maps To Nowhere, an experimental genre of undelivered promises evoking mournful wails from even the most ardent listeners.

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