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Senate launches marathon debate on school funding bill

Despite the constant negative press covfefe.

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Board of Regents to announce KU’s next chancellor today

From this day forward, the Question: who were the also-rans will never see an answer.

IMHO, they were the same four who applied for Gen. Myers' position @ KSU.

When it is imperative that the leaders of KSU/KU have a Top Secret = Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance just to know what the heck is being researched at our state institutions => you wind up with institutions where secrecy is the norm & "need to know" is defined by the secret holders (recall Pres. Schulz' rebuff of KS Board of Regents' request to know what was going on @ KSU Biosecurity Research Center).

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Kobach to announce plans on governor's race within 2 months

The real Q in 2018, is if dead-in-the-wool Republicans will vote D for the first time in their lives, OR will it just be a replay:

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Flynn takes 5th Amendment in Russia probe, cites 'public frenzy'

AFAIK, Ms. Clinton was never in the role of President, asking a FBI director to do even the slightest favor.

Again, IMHO, Trump's presidency = "virtueless reality."

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Kobach to announce plans on governor's race within 2 months

Thank you, Nostradamus . . . . however, there ARE 49 other states with someone else to call Governor. And no, as retired Native Kansans with Federal retirements NOT TAXED in KS => paying less in taxes (KS Republican mantra), we'll feel fortunate to contribute to a state not in an Experimental Red Death Spiral. Sorry, we don't have any screen doors.

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'Witch hunt' comment leads to questioning of Kansas juror's impartiality before trial acquittal

IMHO, the juror's phrasing "the victims' advocates or, opposite end, the defendant's family?" shows an inherent bias => "family" has a > positive connotation than "advocates."

I have to admit, I'm NOT shocked by how Holtonites have recently presented themselves to the outside world. WHY? I replaced a 7-12th grade teacher in a KS HS (1/2 of a 1A district). That teacher had sexual relations with girls as young as 7th grade; and hosted parties with alcohol, The county attorney threatened charges unless the teacher left. He did so, and moved to the county seat. During my year of teaching, a school board members' sophomore son was having sexual relations with the teacher's 7th grade partner; only now she was in 8th. In my interview, the USD Super had told me about the parties & alcohol. As far as I could discern, everyone in town was aware of the teacher's sexual predation on students.

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Trump makes Kobach vice chair of commission reviewing voter fraud allegations

I'll say it again, Trump presidency => "virtueless reality."

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Billion-dollar tax plan fails in Kansas Senate

Colorado marijuana sales top $131M, set record in March 2017

It's the tenth consecutive month in which sales have topped $100 million, and the sustained double-digit growth rate caught the attention of some analysts and economists

Struggling Colorado Town Finds Salvation in Legalized Pot

(Sedgwick is a statutory town in Sedgwick County, Colorado. The population was 191 in 2000 .

Vermont Legislature becomes first in U.S. to vote to legalize recreational marijuana use .

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Former Kansas missile silo converted into luxury condo

Here in the Land of Oz, those with affluenza hallucinate a Brownback economic success while surviving Armageddon; others are content for one last look @ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds:

"Once home to the most prolific LSD manufacturer in the United States, William Leonard Pickard, the unremarkable concrete exterior of this former Cold War-era Atlas E missile silo belies the patent strangeness of the site’s history."

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Kansas agency's dress code bans short skirts, tight clothes

I saw Ms. Kitty on Gunsmoke yesterday, but couldn't get my tape measure out fast enough to measure IF her cleavage was in violation of KS DOR regs!

Thank you, Sydney Carlin, for representing me!

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