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Kansas again faces possible loss of all federal arts funding

Yes, Weis accompanied Kansas Bioscience Director Tom Thornton to the library screening. A press release indicated Thornton would comment following the film.

When the filmmaker asked for audience questions, I stood up & asked why he had not interviewed the enablers of the Anthrax Mailer, KSU distinguished alumni Colonels David R. Franz, Jerry & Nancy K. Jaax. I stated that Dr. Franz, as a member of the KBA executive committee, was awarding our tax $ to companies he administered contracts with as Commander, United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases.

Suddenly, Thornton got up & left the room, accompanied by Weis. After Thornton's disgraceful KBA departure, Kansans would learn he'd been moonlighting with an out-of-state firm developing a new anthrax vaccine. As you might guess, there were NO KSU REPRESENTATIVES "present to hand out materials to inform the public about NBAF and refute any allegations about potential anthrax hazards." No supporters of the NBAF spoke!

"Linda is an active leader in support of the bio-security of our nation and bioscience economic development opportunities in Kansas. She is a member of KansasBio and served as the lead community proponent for attracting the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility (NBAF) to the Manhattan-Kansas State University communities. She participates actively in Kansas City Animal Health Corridor activities and is supportive of the Kansas City Area Development Council in attracting bioscience economic development opportunities to Kansas. When she arrives at bioscience events around the State, the call goes out, “Here Comes Manhattan Real Estate!” Linda B. Weis truly is Manhattan real estate!"


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Kansas again faces possible loss of all federal arts funding

NBAF WILL SAVE THE ARTS (if they can wait until 2023).

When Brownback appointed the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, he included one Linda B. Weis of Manhattan. Now, Linda, a former Chamber VP, was responsible for an email that went out to chamber members following a showing of "Anthrax Wars" @ the Manhattan Public Library. She urged CoC members to show en masse @ the KSU screening of "Anthrax Wars" the next day.


"From: "Linda B. Weis"
Date: September 8, 2009 6:22:54 PM CDT

Dear NBAF Supporters:

I received an urgent message today from Kansas BioScience Authority
President/CEO Tom Thornton concerning a public viewing at 6:30 tonight
at the Manhattan Public Library of a film called "Anthrax Wars". This
film is being presented as a medium of opposition to the NBAF.

Tom Thorton will be present tonight to answer questions from the
public, address the media, and hand out a flyer (“ANTHRAW FLYER”) that
I am attaching to this email. Sue Peterson, Gov Affairs
Representative from Kansas State University, and Dr. Ron Trewyn,
K-State VP for Reseearch, has just advised me that there will be
K-State representatives present to hand out materials to inform the
public about NBAF and refute any allegations about potential anthrax

PLEASE NOTE: Those who are opposed to NBAF are making their concerns
known in a BIG way! This is a Golden Opportunity for those of us who
support and understand the value of NBAF to create an even greater
positive impression about our desire to host this world-class facility
at Kansas State University!"

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Brownback: Kansas has 'good shot' at meeting revenue targets

Just in time for the holidays, PAYOLA RECORDS has licensed AKOMA* to remarket last year's most promising Kansas record: Sam The Sham & The SayNOs' "I Shot The Adrenaline.” AKOMA technicians have dubbed in the backing vocalists so familiar to the impoverished & disabled (legless only, no one with difficulty voting on a computer) of Kansas: de KOCHROCHETTES.

AKOMA* => Avoiding the Kansas Open Meetings Act, as in: "I did not have (a meeting &/or sex) with . . . . . "

The Sham's lucrative contract with PAYOLA RECORDS has bankrolled Brownback's Atlas of Road Maps To Nowhere, an experimental genre of undelivered promises evoking mournful wails from even the most ardent listeners.

Past & present members of The SayNOs backing Sham with their tuneful lyrics include:

a balding RonE, featuring "My Learning Quest Kiddies Are Too Young to be Mine"

Outdoors DJ Robbin' J's "Lesser Prairie Chicken Sues" with that catchy line "my scientists are better than your scientists (at disappearing species)"

NickyJ's enigmatic figurative composition "My Numbers Don't Add Up (to nuthin' much)"

Former AP sideman, Jay Milburn's "You CAN Make This Stuff Up"

Mikey King's "Where Did Those KTA Dollars Go?"

LG "Jeff" C's myth-busting tour-de-force "How Many Times Can I Bail Sham Out?"

Jimmy Clark's jiving "Audit Cost So Much To Repeal KPERS?"

Kari B's "You're Only As Old & Disabled As We Deem"

Jackie Mac's "I Can See Clearly Now, The NBAF Dying Cow"

Pat G's "Creationist Job Blues (Ridin' My Dino For Reggie J"

RayR's "Faith-based Ministry Prison Warden Blues"

Bobbie Moser's "(That Coal) Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" & "Fa la la la la Ogallala"

P Gilmore's "Oh That Sam (He Can Sham The Seniors Out Of Medicare)"


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Urban vs. rural: How the economic recovery hasn't benefited all of Kansas

To be honest, I've waited a long time for the urban interests in KS to pull ahead of the rural's in at least one area: access to land for recreational purposes. The % of Kansans with such access is actually rapidly diminishing, as fewer farmers => fewer urban Kansans with farm relatives with land to recreate on.

KANSAS => 50th in per capita public lands. LAST (less public land per person than Rhode Island?).

A look @ KDWP&T lands will show that the majority are tied to USCoE & BLM water projects. There are Sand Hills (gift of Dillons family) & Mushroom Rocks (Kansas' smallest state park - 5 acres, also a gift) State Parks. Missouri dedicated a half-cent sales tax decades ago to increase & support public land recreational opportunities. Meanwhile the total accessible acreage in Kansas has remained as stagnant as the water kept behind Tuttle Creek Dam.

For decades Kansans have fought against adding any public lands for recreational purposes, what turned out to be a "Quality of Life" issue for businesses & individuals to pick a location. The reason: takes rural property off the tax rolls.

The KS Farm Bureau fought for years against a "tall grass prairie" National Park.. They succeeded => the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is only 10,894 acres. Recreational activities are limited to day use. The tourism brought to Strong City & Cottonwood Falls => not enough to keep the Emma Chase Cafe, Ad Astra Food and Drink or Pizza Hut open.

Now's the time for those rural Kansans to reap the rewards of keeping land all over the state on the tax rolls . . . . . ad astra per aspera

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Media outlets file open records suit against Kansas governor

It was my understanding that the Kansas Press Association's Handbook of Titillating Headlines requires the noun "media" always be proceeded by the adjective "liberal," as in:

LIBERAL Media outlets file open records suit against Kansas governor

I can guess why the LJW printed this KPA transgression, but honestly, any competent Kansan should be able to discern "Liberal," the place name, from the Right adjective "liberal."

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Letter: Ruled by greed?

Bob has graciously permitted this award to be shared with anyone who can imagine a line of dots connecting a current candidate for the Democratic nomination for President to what?

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Letter: Ruled by greed?

"In 1492 the native population of North America north of the Rio Grande was seven million to ten million."

SOMETHING DECIMATED THAT POPULATION. Here's guessing it had little to nothing to do with "socialism," and perhaps is better linked to "capitalism?"

The 2010 Census showed that the U.S. population on April 1, 2010, was 308.7 million.[
Out of the total U.S. population, 2.9 million people, or 0.9 percent, reported American Indian or Alaska Native alone. In addition, 2.3 million people, or another 0.7 percent, reported American Indian or Alaska Native in combination with one or more other races. Together, these two groups totaled 5.2 million people.

ODD, that the phrase "tens of millions" applying to any one regime, or country, is not used in the following Wiki article. The largest # for any one Russian "purge," appears to be < 800,000.

But yeah, IF you wrap all the governments in history which can possibly be misconstrued as "socialist," "tens of millions" seems an appropriate, sloppy aggregate.

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Kansas agency spokeswoman's Facebook posting draws criticism

Joe Blackford II 2 weeks, 6 days ago

It is my understanding the frail elderly, developmentally disabled, physically disabled, autism patients, traumatic brain injury patients, and those who need technology assistance refer to her as KochRocha.

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A new study that says it pays to go to K-State over KU; opening date set for another new south Iowa Street retailer

Act fast, ~ 2022, the NBAF student health care rider is not covered under the ACA. Should your child contract any of ~ 17 third world emerging zoonotic diseases, the nearest DHS-cerified quarantine facility is in Omaha, NE, capacity 3.

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Editorial: Veto threat

"people of Kansas will know exactly whom to blame."

Every cognizant Kansan already knows whom to blame. It's the clueless we have to thank for the current Kansas' state of affairs.

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