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Documents shed light on ties between KU teacher and Koch Foundation


KU institute director testified against renewable energy standards after Koch-funded research on standards
A University of Kansas lecturer testified at a Senate hearing in 2014 against Kansas’ renewable energy standards after a KU institute he leads received thousands of dollars from a Koch Industries-funded foundation to conduct research on the standards, emails show.

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Documents shed light on ties between KU teacher and Koch Foundation

Scott takes the Bob Smith Award for Wednesday, 2 September 2015.

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Stoddard won't be candidate for Lawrence city manager post; Chick-fil-A sets date for South Iowa street opening

"But there were certainly reasons to think Stoddard may apply. She is an experienced city executive, and she grew up in Lawrence. She’s gained a strong reputation for being able to help communities through complex economic development deals."

Not sure that Ms. Stoddard was all that instrumental in bringing the NBAF to Manhattan. DHS was looking for the most gullible site; Stoddard would be just one of many @ Manhattan City Hall chanting the mantra "my KSU friends tell me the NBAF will be safe."

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Letter: Think about it

I'll match your Nazi trump card with my authentic 1987 Topps Ronald Reagan Iran Contra.

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Letter: Think about it

Expecting Iran to cheat is why we need this deal, says former Mossad chief

"This evening, we hear from the former head of Israel’s intelligence and special operations agency, the Mossad, Efraim Halevy, who is breaking with his country’s government and public opinion to support the agreement."

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Letter: Think about it

"crucial parts of the Iran agreement" is misleading, AFAIK, the IAEA's affairs ("side deals") are not part & parcel of the negotiations. I would be much more concerned regarding what Energy Secretary Moniz has, or hasn't, seen, and why he stands behind the negotiations; than a list of 3 names shouted at Secretary Kerry during hearings as attempts @ sound bites.

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Letter: Think about it

I worked for Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center, 1981-85. When friends asked what DMAAC did, I joked "the cassette tapes cruise missiles play on their way to Saddam's palace." The Gulf War (2 August 1990) & 2003 invasion of Iraq would demonstrate these capabilities. BUT, I rather imagine DoD had digital media storage solutions far beyond my imagination in 1981.

I believe that DoD & our intelligence agencies have nuclear detection capabilities far beyond what has been publicly disclosed. I have little confidence that Roberts, Moran, Jenkins, Pompeo, Huelskamp and Yoder would be capable of adequately explaining the intricacies of the Top Secret - Sensitive Compartmented Information concerning nuclear armament detection capabilities, IF they were privy to them.

Would we feel safer if we all knew the full extent of our nuclear armament detection capabilities? Sure, but that's not how a nation utilizes such intelligence, by exposing its hand.

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Letter: Drug injustice

"Kansas . . . It's all Regressive"

that would appear to be the "logic" whirling in the KS Legislature.

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Letter: Drug injustice

"there's a real easy way to avoid this or any other penalty, isn't there?" "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime."

Those Kansas sentiments are likely right at the top of the PROS column of anyone considering a move to Colorado upon retirement.

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I can see the light at the end of Kansans Moral Marijuana tunnel vision:

Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue Nearly Doubles in One Year

"The state collected $9.7 million in taxes related to marijuana sales in June 2015, up nearly $5 million from the same month last year. By May, the state had collected more than $88 million in marijuana taxes in 2015."


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Faculty group says KU business teacher with Koch ties not subject to academic freedom protection

"the case of Art Hall v. the University of Kansas."

"Recent Kansas University news stories"

Is it possible that the University of Kansas could win the decision, but that Art could appeal on the grounds that he actually teaches @ Kansas University?

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