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Garden Variety: Feeding birds in winter

In addition to black oil sunflower seeds, suet & a seed mix, we feed sunflower chips (broken kernels, no hulls = no shells on the ground), & they are a favorite of the goldfinches in our neighborhood. IF you have deer that can reach the feeder, they'll empty a tube of them every night = $$$. I buy them in 50# sacks @ the COOP.

Cardinals seem to be pretty timid, & may be driven off by smaller birds. We are more likely to see them at our feeders when there is snow on the ground.

We attract enough birds that they, in turn, will often attract an American Kestrel ( North America's littlest falcon). We have seen a few "Disney moments," with a kestrel picking off a smaller bird in flight. Speaking of Disney, our neighbor, Dr. Udder Nonsense, heads the dairy dept @ KSU, & keeps "That Darned Cat" at home to breed barn cats & eat birds.

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Kansas lawmakers floating plenty of tax proposals

"Key senators also said they want to avoid measures — that clearly can be labeled."

We don't need any more labels:

Kansas - Evolution Passed Us By

Kansas - The Worst Route to Colorado

Kansas - Home of The Last Dirty Coal-fired Utility Plant Built in the USA

Kansas - Future Home of the NBAF

Kansas - Brownback / Roberts / Huelskamp (punchline optional)

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Kansas mulling response to legal pot in Colorado

"WHO identifies adolescence as the period in human growth and development that occurs after childhood and before adulthood, from ages 10 to19."

Nice try @ obsfucation, by the way.

AFAIK, Colorado defines legal recreational marijuana is available for ADULTS, >= 21 years of age.

More research should be conducted on the deleterious effects of an adolescence spent in Gov Brownback's Kansas.

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Oil-price drop rattles smaller producers in Kansas

Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association (KIOGA), that's the club whose Feb 2014 newsletter stated the their Gov. Brownback's study of fracking would NOT try to find any correlation with the increasing # of Kansas earthquakes.

KIOGA, that would be the group prodding their Gov. Brownback to sue the US Fish & Wildlife Service over the listing of the Lesser Prairie Chicken as a "threatened species." I'd imagine many KIOGAns have a close relationship with Kansas Farm Bureau members:

December 9, 2014
Lesser Prairie Chicken Proposal Deemed Harmful To Agriculture

Ever wonder what the value of a barrel of oil will be in 50 years? Not for fuel, but perhaps for production of some, as yet undiscovered, product? KIOGAns don't wonder, they're only in it for the quick $$$$$$$$$. Exterminate birds & shake the strata today, before a barrel of oil drops any further!

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Kansas towns fight housing shortage amid uphill battle to boost population, vitality

Chris Palmburg, Ness County’s economic development director: "the biggest thing out here in the sticks.”

Reminds me of those "crappy" towns in SE KS. I commented then that only the locals can refer to their towns in that manner.

Kansas is 50th in per capita public lands (this includes lands NO ONE would want to recreate on) & most of those acres are where there is a dam, therefore NOT IN W KS. Outdoor recreation is a "quality of life" factor for business & individual relocation. The fact a county has crop fields for LEASING to hunt doesn't = public lands for recreation.

Ness Co Public Lands:

Goodman State Fishing Lake, 265 acre property, owned by the Wet Walnut Watershed District No. 58.

265 / 3,107 pop. = 0.085291277759897 acres per capita of public land

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Lawrence found to lag behind Manhattan in college community ranking; City Hall and the land of meetings; butcher shop expanding

2023 -> Manhattan ranks #1 best college community for Men Who Stare at Goats' Livers, Lungs & Brains (for signs NBAF infected them humanely) per capita.

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Jenkins hears about immigration, budget at Lawrence town hall meeting

My comment has not been posted due to restrictions on rational thought & civil discourse in the shallow end of the gene pool.

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Editorial: Passing the buck?

Fresh from winning No. 1 AirheadBand @ ALECfester 2014, The SayNOs brazenly attempt to make less music with more taxes on the select many. Reserve your copy now by sending a blank check to Dave & Chuck K's PAYOLA RECORDS, 300 SW 10th Ave Ste 545N, Topeka, KS 66612.


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Corps: U.S. falling behind on waterway levees, dams

2003-2010 Iraq War: Department of Defense's direct spending on Iraq totaled at least $757.8 billion. Some day soon the Iraqis will throw roses at our feet & pay US back.

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Senate probe catalogs CIA brutality against detainees

"A detailed comparison shows several discrepancies, described in the Senate report, between then-CIA Director Michael Hayden's 2007 testimony and the agency’s own records."

Well, KSU brought Director Hayden to campus in 2008 to recruit students for the CIA:

"All right, that’s the commercial; that’s the recruiting advertisement embedded in the speech."

Transcript of Remarks by Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Gen. Michael V. Hayden
at the Landon Lecture Series, Kansas State University, April 30, 2008

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