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At least 59 killed, 527 wounded as gunman opens fire at Las Vegas concert; worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history

reply => Brock, I called no one "stupid." IMHO there are a great many idealogues, who kneeling in the shallows of their gene pool, are unable to think for themselves.

AS FAR AS A FAKE VIDEO, how about the other 52,499 video results

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At least 59 killed, 527 wounded as gunman opens fire at Las Vegas concert; worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history

Down in the shallow end of the gene pool, it's hard to concentrate for the full 3:41 minutes necessary?

And NO, I didn't Google for videos on all the other semi-automatics available to . . .

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St. John's church group uncovers past of previously abandoned rural graveyard

"Walter said he is suspicious of a pile of rocks and other rubble discovered on the land,"

From my ramblings around relocated cemetery sites on Corps of Engineers' lakes, & other rural cemeteries, I would guess nearly every one had an erosion feature where the remnants of broken headstones were repurposed. Many were no doubt broken with any attempt to relocate.

The CoE relocations were documented: name, DOB, DOD, cause of death, presence of casket & remains. ~ 1976, I read the relocation logs for those cemeteries moved for the construction of John Redmond Reservoir.

Entire families perished in fires; siblings in epidemics. Personal items were recorded from watch, pocketknife to buttons & an ankh (symbolizes both mortal existence and the afterlife) . . . but perhaps the most poignant entries read simply "dark streaks remaining."

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Questions emerge about whether Tonganoxie mayor has conflict of interest in Tyson project

After observing the tangled web of NBAF skid greasers (former Army germ lab Commander advising Homeland Security as to where to put the lab, while a KSU employee; LTEs to Manhattan Mercury from Colonels Jaax on how safe the lab would be, yet somehow failed to mention their enabling of the Anthrax Mailer @ USAMRIID, to which they were comparing the NBAF) presenting @ the state has learned to present a PIG IN A POKE as a done deal.

Wonder why no one @ KSU or DHS mentioned Dual Use Research of Concern?

Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) is life sciences research that, based on current understanding, can be reasonably anticipated to provide knowledge, information, products, or technologies that could be directly misapplied to pose a significant threat with broad potential consequences to public health and safety, agricultural crops and other plants, animals, the environment, materiel, or national security. The United States Government’s oversight of DURC is aimed at preserving the benefits of life sciences research while minimizing the risk of misuse of the knowledge, information, products, or technologies provided by such research.

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Tyson Foods to build $320M chicken operation near Tonganoxie; plans to employ 1,600

NEWS, as in when Newman Rehab in Emporia became a division of Mathis Rehab Centers (which then closed the Mathis clinic that formerly treated all those beef plant employees)?

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Tyson Foods to build $320M chicken operation near Tonganoxie; plans to employ 1,600

"contract with northeast Kansas farmers and ranchers to raise chickens."

The legislature heard "chicken ranch" & got all excited?

"The Chicken Ranch is a legal, licensed brothel located about 60 miles west of Las Vegas near the town of Pahrump, in Nye County, at 10511 Homestead Road. The 17-bed brothel sits on 40 acres of land." Wikipedia

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Whitewater outdoor center at Clinton State Park 'on back burner' for now

Linda Craghead, assistant secretary of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. “… What we need to do right now is focus on those people who actively utilize our parks and try to encourage additional users.”

In contrast, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma & Colorado have managed to have a state park system NOT entirely based upon stagnant pools @ Corpse lakes which inundate the majority of facilities yearly.

As a former Nat. Resource & Park Mgmt major @ KSU, I've long held an interest in Kansas public lands. For years, it was common knowledge that KS was 50th in per capita public lands; lands used for recreation, and as such are counted as positive for Quality of Life issues when companies consider locations attractive to top-notch employee prospects.

In the last year. someone commented on a KS thread elsewhere, that KS was now 49th! It has taken me some Googling to find documentation:

US States Land Ownership by Percentage:
Rank / State / % that is Public Land / % that is Private Land

49 / KS / 1.9% / 98.1%
50 / RI / 1.5% / 98.5%

Public and Private Land Percentages by US States : Facts & Information : SummitPost

How did this happen? Did KSDWP&T finally sell Lake Inman* for private resort development?

*Lake Inman is a small lake in McPherson County, KS. With a surface area of approximately 1/4 square miles, it is the largest natural lake in the state.

Honestly, I believe KS beat Rhode Island by losing population! What a novel approach to increasing per capita public lands in KS without taking lands off the tax rolls by adding parks or something like the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve (I witnessed the locals fight that back in '79).

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State officials hope to replace, privatize Osawatomie State Hospital

Bob Smith 2 hours, 12 minutes ago

"There was a time when LJW made a pretense of maintaining a civil atmosphere on this site. They appear to have abandoned that strategy when people like Paul can go straight to personal insults in most of his posts."

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City planners say sex shop on 23rd Street can stay open

AG Vern Miller worked on defining "sex" in KS. His appointed guardians of morality attended the first screenings of "Stewardesses" & "The NY Erotic Film Festival" in Wichita to determine whether I could attend the 2nd screenings.

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Massive inspection backlog in Kansas blocking use of kidney dialysis clinics

IMHO, Brownback has 2 kidneys due to Kansans upon demand.

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