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Top 5 things Kansans should watch in a Trump administration

As I've commented previously, the Trump presidency = "virtueless reality."

Kansas Farm Bureau, that's the same good ol' boys who gave Sam "the Sham" Brownback his first job. KFB is still behind the 8-ball:

"That's especially important to the state's agriculture industry as a whole, which exported more than $3.3 billion worth of products in 2015, "

It appears as though Colorado has "invented" a new agricultural crop, which matched 1/3 of Kansas' entire ag exports value in just a couple of years:

"Marijuana businesses in Colorado, which voted to legalize the drug recreationally in 2012, reported roughly $1.1 billion in legal sales of medical and recreational marijuana and related products this year through the month of October, according to the latest batch of tax data from the state's Department of Revenue. That number easily tops the roughly $996 million in total marijuana revenue the state reported in 2015."

Meanwhile, Kansans keep electing the same Republican mantra:

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Federal officials fault Kansas' privatized Medicaid program; request to renew KanCare denied

My wife & I were discussing Secretary Mosier @ lunch today, as she was our ophthalmologist, 2000- her debut as a full-time bureaucrat. "Not back to her practice," was my wife's guess regarding what Mosier's plans were upon the end of the Brownback years. Dr. Mosier always seemed to be a caring healthcare provider. Not so much since she took over KDHE & KanCare.

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Plans emerge for nearly $15 million hotel project next to Rock Chalk Park

How do you get that off your shoes?

I've got a problem with purple catsap on the soles of my shoes here in The Little Apple.

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Kansas making new guidelines for handling wildlife pets

Give me a break, "chronic wasting disease" is NOT the threat to KS that KSU's National Bio & Agro-Terrorism Defense Facility (NBAF) will become. The KS delegation got a bill passed through congress to permit the study of Foot & Mouth Disease not just on the mainland, but in the Heartland!

DHS just spent $$$$$ for a practice drill centered on 2 counties in W. KS. The real threat is the National Academies of Science estimate of a 70% likelihood that the NBAF will release FMD, with a resulting $5 billion cost to "cull" herds within 200 miles of KSU.

The first line of Kansas defense? No one in actual U. S. cattle operations alive today has ever witnessed FMD.

"The Kansas Department of Agriculture will lead an emergency preparedness exercise, Afterburn, Dec. 19–22, in Manhattan to practice the state’s response plan to a foreign animal disease event.

The four-day functional exercise, which will be based out of KDA headquarters in Manhattan, Kan., will enable KDA and its partners in other state agencies, federal and local government, industry, university and six other states to practice the state’s foreign animal disease response plan. More than 200 individuals will participate in the Afterburn exercise, which will be based on the confirmation of foot-and-mouth disease in the United States."


"The US has had nine FMD outbreaks since it was first recognized on the northeastern coast in 1870; the most devastating happened in 1914. It originated from Michigan, but its entry into the stockyards in Chicago turned it into an epizootic. About 3,500 livestock herds were infected across the US, totaling over 170,000 cattle, sheep, and swine. The eradication came at a cost of $4.5 million, a huge sum of money in 1914.

A 1924 outbreak in California resulted not only in the slaughter of 109,000 farm animals, but also 22,000 deer.

The US had its latest FMD outbreak in Montebello, California, in 1929. This outbreak originated in hogs that had eaten infected meat scraps from a tourist steamship that had stocked meat in Argentina. Over 3,600 animals were slaughtered and the disease was contained in less than a month."

"A recent study by Kansas State University estimates cumulative losses to consumers and livestock producers at $188 billion, with an added cost to the government of $11 billion for eradication efforts if vaccination is not employed."

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Kansas making new guidelines for handling wildlife pets

KDWP&T has a long history of alienating the pubic. The first greeting you come across upon entering a State Park is that you're in violation of the KDWP&T paid admissions policy.

What puzzles me about this "deer" euthanasia: How did KDWP&T manage to concentrate THREE employees in one county in SW KS? And, how many counties were without a wildlife conservation presence to accomplish this concentration of "conservation?"

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Lawrence escapes overnight ice storm but Sunday morning accumulations possible

I would appreciate a "following day" analysis anytime the forecasted high/low is off by more than X degrees (10 deg F, say).

I have long compared meteorologists' forecasts to a pizza joint's estimate of when your pizza will be ready, & whether it will arrive "hot" or "cold."

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Brownback budget relies on borrowing idle funds, continued raids on highway money; critics call it 'delusional'

"I'll gladly pay you next Tuesday for the Whopper I told you today"

Again, apologies to Popeye & Wimpy

Joe Blackford II 2 years, 2 months ago

"In the urban zones, residents who move in from out of state would receive a five-year income tax exemption and help with student loans. Half of $15,000 in loan help would be covered by the state and the other half by local public or private sources.

"The program would also allow property tax revenue generated by new housing projects to be diverted to developers' infrastructure costs for 15 years.

"Brownback proposes including certain high-poverty ZIP codes in Wichita, Topeka and the Kansas City area. THE PLAN MUST BE APPROVED BY THE KANSAS LEGISLATURE."

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a vote today"

Apologies to Popeye & Wimpy

A recurring joke involves Brownback's attempts to con Kansans into voting for him.

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Kansas governor to give State of State amid budget crunch

Wondering which is more far-fetched; Brownback's State of the State address, or NBC's Emerald City?

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Free State Brewing Company founder part of project to raise the bar for local beer

Kansas researchers to try to make better barley for beer , today's cjonline headline.

KSU has been growing rape (think canola oil) on a test plot near my neighborhood for years. They're a beautiful yellow in bloom. I'm not aware of the crop ever spreading to KS farms.

The DHS, USDA & KDA are currently more consumed with Foot & Mouth Disease; holding a response drill last December. The start of the epidemic was in far west KS; rather than where the Academy of Sciences is concerned with FMD: The NBAF. There are far more hooved animal owners in NE KS that might be alarmed KDA was running FMD response drills

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