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How the new state tax law affects you

"the largest tax increase in state history" ??????????

I haven't crunched the #s, but suppose Brownback's experiment had worked => large influx of new taxpayers filling new jobs created by experiment & those miraculous jobs all being taxed at the previous Brownback rate for non-LLCs => possibly "the largest tax increase in state history"?

But IF it had worked, Brownback's boys would have quickly instituted "no income tax on workers" & the "the largest tax increase in state history" would have disappeared. Right?

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2 years of Kansas wildfires could total $100M

"The Forest Service has also proposed to double its wildfire and mechanics staff from six to 12 people"

The Wichita Eagle ran an article with advice for KS from Oklahoma's forest service fire director. He has a staff of 80 people. His budget dwarfed what we spend in KS.

Kansas needs a concerted effort to reduce the infestation of red cedar on range lands.

Kansas State University needs to admit that burning prairies other than in the spring is just as beneficial in the long run.

The Corps of Engineers' reluctance to burn prairie near residential areas leads to increased #s of red cedars; which explode when ignited.

Kansas is 50th in per capita public lands. When you rely on private landowners to manage their land without regard for the build up of combustibles, you get "roughly $50 million to cover about 3,700 miles of burned fences and as many as 8,000 dead cattle."

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Budget bill anticipates Brownback may resign, elevating Colyer to governor's office

"expanded role" => Brownback's emergency lender when Koch's are "out-of-pocket*."

* Somehow "out of pocket" has become a new business catchphrase meaning "unreachable, out of communication", "unavailable", which is incorrect.

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New Lawrence laboratory expected to bring millions in additional research dollars from the Department of Defense

Bob -> FYI, when Pres. Schulz took over from Wefald, he insisted some things be cleaned up:

CHEMICAL & RADIOACTIVE WASTE pits under the cover of farm outbuildings North of Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

That's right, KSU had been dumping CHEMICAL & RADIOACTIVE WASTES into open pits for decades. The chemicals were found to be leaching out & contaminating the ground water. As my neighborhood has wells in the same groundwater, we were notified of KSU's remedial measures.

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New Lawrence laboratory expected to bring millions in additional research dollars from the Department of Defense

"the amount of federal research dollars the facility is expected to attract. KU currently does about $1 million a year in research related to the Department of Defense. With the laboratory in place, KU believes it could see that total grow to about $20 million within three years"

That's the same type of rosy BS everyone @ KSU spouted about the Biosecurity Research Institute. They were so sure, that Wefald dedicated $5 million off the top of SRO research funding annually. That debt continues for another ~ 18 years. To date, the BRI hasn't been able to match the $5 million/yr with Homeland Security contracts. In fact, DHS slapped 3/4 year of secret sanctions when the BRI couldn't meet security requirements.

How much of this "pig in a poke" will be dedicated to Top Secret - Sensitive Compartmented Information research? Who will have a TS-SCI clearance to oversee the operation & tell the Board of Regents they don't have the clearance needed to know what the heck is going on?

Dual Use Research of Concern => this is the type of research no one mentioned abut the BRI & NBAF:

"(DURC) is life sciences research that, based on current understanding, can be reasonably anticipated to provide knowledge, information, products, or technologies that could be directly misapplied to pose a significant threat with broad potential consequences to public health and safety, agricultural crops and other plants, animals, the environment, materiel, or national security.​"

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Kris Kobach enters 2018 race for Kansas governor

Have no fear, Kansans will no doubt hit the "R" lever for REPLAY:

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Trump expected to pull U.S. from landmark global climate agreement

HAL: Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

FYI => go to the source, the Norwegians who believe that water currents are again the reason for your "red" herring example, just as currents were responsible in the 1920s-30s-1960, when fish populations spiked & fell w/return to cooler currents.

Warming currents are one supposed cause of large expanses of ice melting. Unfortunately, the laws of thermodynamics are not easily explained to the scientifically illiterate that the warmer current event is insufficient to account for the vast amount of ice melting.

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Trump expected to pull U.S. from landmark global climate agreement

Trump Presidency => "virtueless reality"

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Senate launches marathon debate on school funding bill

Despite the constant negative press covfefe.

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Board of Regents to announce KU’s next chancellor today

From this day forward, the Question: who were the also-rans will never see an answer.

IMHO, they were the same four who applied for Gen. Myers' position @ KSU.

When it is imperative that the leaders of KSU/KU have a Top Secret = Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance just to know what the heck is being researched at our state institutions => you wind up with institutions where secrecy is the norm & "need to know" is defined by the secret holders (recall Pres. Schulz' rebuff of KS Board of Regents' request to know what was going on @ KSU Biosecurity Research Center).

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