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Bob Dole joins Twitter, swipes at incumbent Kansas congressman

Marshall's Issues, per his TV ad:

oppose abortion rights (see recent SCOTUS ruling)

repeal "Obamacare" (I've lost count on the # of votes that have failed)


Living in the 1st District has been an embarrassment for far too long: Jenkins, Huelskamp, and Bob's favorite pushing the same failed policies would continue the downward spiral.

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Analysis: Brownback's view of Kansas economy as a 'three-legged stool' no longer accurate

As the son of a couple who met @ Beech Aircraft, this article has a GLARING OMISSION:

Beech Aircraft Company was founded in Wichita, Kansas, in 1932 by Walter Beech and his wife Olive Ann Beech.

Beech Aircraft Company > Raytheon > Goldman Sachs (Hawker Beechcraft) > Textron

Sam The Sham & The SayNOs just keep playing Brownback's dirge for Kansas, "My Numbers Don't Add Up (to nuthin' much)".

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Chain retailer on 23rd Street files for bankruptcy, seeks buyer; new report says Lawrence one of the more unique cities in the country

Hmmmmmm . . . . in KS, could Lawrence be "most unique," or not? Seems to be a question for "linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts." I'm sure Brownback & the Legislature always use the appropriate terms for Lawrence!

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Poll shows Clinton leading in Kansas; broad dissatisfaction with Legislature

Wasn't me, but had me wondering IF a certain party was now enforcing the use of certain gender-related terms by journalists of the mainstream media in KS.


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Poll shows Clinton leading in Kansas; broad dissatisfaction with Legislature

There's something about that title . . . . . tongue in cheek?

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Letter to the editor: Insulting visit

My great uncle was a survivor of the Bataan Death March. Your statements concerning Japan during & prior to WWII are cogent.

Your depiction of President Obama's visit to Hiroshima is invalid.

"Obama did offer condolences for the loss of those who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but nowhere in the full text of his remarks did he offer an apology:"

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What's your opinion on the 2016 Kansas legislative session?

Pissin' in the Wind

Jerry Jeff Walker

Pissin' in the wind, bettin' on a losing friend

Makin' the same mistakes, we swore we'd never make again

And we're pissin' in the wind, but it's blowing on all our friends

We're gonna sit and grin and tell our grandchildren


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11 states sue over Obama's school transgender directive

Appears as though our representative government has evolved since 1791. I can see where a disbelief in evolution could lead one to perceive time as standing still.

"With the expanded role of the national government validated in the New Deal era, the domain designated as “reserved to the States . . . or to the People” shrank dramatically. Further, during the Civil Rights era, when Congress and federal courts were taking measures to end racial discrimination, the Tenth Amendment became associated with assertions of “states’ rights” to resist claims of civil rights. The Tenth Amendment suffered from the assertion that the powers reserved to the states included the power to enforce racial inequality. Politically, socially, and morally, the Tenth Amendment seemed to speak to the past, not the present or the future."

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Columnist Leonard Pitts tells Lawrence crowd it's time for white Americans to 'stop eating Jim Crow'

comment has not been posted due to restrictions on rational thought & civil discourse in the shallow end of the gene pool.

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Kansas authorizes sale of bioscience agency

The Kansas Bioscience Authority was extremely effective in laundering $ in support of the National Bio & Agro-defense Facility (NBAF). So much so, that the DHS site selection official who chose KSU had no idea he'd been receiving advice from Dr. David R. Franz, a member of the KBA executive committee, head of KSU's early bio-terrorism "house of cards," member of Sebelius' NBAF in KS brigade, VP of Midwest Research Institute (DHS contractor), and commander of USAMRIID = enabler of the Anthrax Mailer. At last count, the KBA had given MRI $450,000.

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