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Writer and former Douglas County sheriff candidate George Kimball dies

My heart is breaking. I remember the election and "Douglas County needs a two-fisted sheriff." George and I stayed in touch over the years. I am really regretting not going to his birthday party this spring in New York. I was invited but had lots going on at the time. Darn. He was a rare one and one heck of a writer. RIP George.

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Wayne's world

I first met Wayne in 1970. I see him rarely anymore but I will never forget him and I think of him off and on every year. Thank you, Mr. Vaccaro for a beautiful photo tribute. Probst has always made me smile; his wit and cynicism just appeal to me. I could always count on him for a philosophical conversation over a 25 cent beer at the Chalk. I love you, Wayne! Shelley (Tork) Raker

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