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Ready for the rafters? Collins hopes to have jersey hanging in Allen Fieldhouse one day

Well if there were an all-time KU team for producing illigitimate children, Sherron would certainly get the nod...but his numbers do not warrant a place on any all-time basketball team.

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Big Ten making overtures to … Texas

Makes sense for the Big Televen...but for UT? What possible benefit, barring some research status and grant money, could this provide? Texas would lose athletics revenue...much more than they would gain in research well as their position as the dominant university of the conference. Texas already has a larger endowment than all (except possibly Michigan) the Big Televen schools, and a national fan base. Makes no sense for UT...unless I'm missing something?

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Do you like Bob Knight as a color commentator? absolute trainwreck.

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Post men difference for motivated KSU

hbjayhawk -
Your concern is noted. Everybody can't recruit choir boys like Sherron, Tyshawn, and the Morris twins.

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Kansas Department of Revenue looking for permission to charge those who file paper returns

Hmmm...If you have my $500 and want to charge me $25 to give it back, you have leverage; but if I owe you money...and you try to charge me a fee to repay will most likely end up with nothing.

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Texas Tech fires football coach Mike Leach

Not upset at all. I just find it funny that Leach is "supposedly" a hot commodity after being fired (rightly or wrongly not yet known), yet he couldn't convince anyone to get him out of Lubbock after last year...his best year ever. Does that make sense?

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Texas Tech fires football coach Mike Leach

garyr...What the hell are you talking about? Cincy already hired a coach, and Leach was begging to get out of Lubbock last year. If anybody wanted him...they could've had him already.

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Texas Tech fires football coach Mike Leach

Please explain why Leach will own TTech? What do you two know that the media hasn't released? Do you not think that Tech might have actually done their homework before firing him?

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Texas Tech fires football coach Mike Leach

I just called and cancelled my donations to the alumni association and the Red Raider Club. I know several other alumni that have done the same. -- Raider

Pffft...I'm sure that will really hurt their coffers. Nice to know that "alumni" jump to conclusions against their university. Doubt Tech will miss your "support."

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Brownback hopes abortion will kill health-care reform

Agnostick - Certainly you understand that logic can NEVER enter into the abortion arguments. It is unhelpful from both sides perspective, as it quells their incessant need to hear themselves bitch.

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