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KU football lineup shakeup in works?

Odd, I DVR'd the KSU/KU game on Dish. I also caught a little of the KU/Baylor game on Dish, and I think both were on FSN.

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Gay marriage another sign of moral decay

Jews have no tolerance fr those whose views differ from their own, Mr. Hitler. Surely you know that.

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KU joins motion in support of trademark lawsuit filed by University of Alabama

Pretty sure artists have always been protected in these instances. It is the artist's interpretation of a product...not the actual "trademarked" product. Think Warhol's soup cans. Alabama's uniforms are so nondistinctive (no logos) that they really have no valid complaint, unless the painings include stadium writing distinct to Bryant-Denny Stadium, or the university.

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NFL Draft Spotlight on Kerry Meier's as if this writer has absolutely no knowledge of the NFL, or really, football for that matter. Meier will be extremely lucky to even be drafted. More likely to be a free agent pick up.

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'Health care freedom amendment' fails in Kansas House

ima- Then you really have very little to complain about, do you? Many others would love to be afforded the options you have...that's the point.

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'Health care freedom amendment' fails in Kansas House

ima- perhaps you should just go get a better job. You know, just like all those "your" taxes support need to get a job. Why would you work for a company who doesn't even posess the common decency to provide health insurance?

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Pitts' opinion

"Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."
...Thank goodness none of the self-righteous, scripture-spewers fall into these categories...pffft.

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Tough Love: Gritty KU sends Collins out winner

Not really...the #1 team was down nearly twenty for much of the Okie Lt. game.

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Tough Love: Gritty KU sends Collins out winner

I'm still here jonas. I never predicted a Cats win, though. Sherron played horrible in the first half...his emotions must have really got to him. He did what he does after the Cats tied the game in the 2nd...hats off to him. Also thought Markeiff stepped up huge, and X finally looks like the match up problem he should be. The Cats won't face that kind of challenge again, even if they were to make a Final Four, so I wasn't expecting a W...a closer final score...yes.

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Ready for the rafters? Collins hopes to have jersey hanging in Allen Fieldhouse one day

jayhawkframer - Really, because I'm not the one who brought it up. It has been talked about and celebrated in many a recent article and KUAD news release.

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