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Proposed city building codes to get further review

Agreed. For the most part Lawrence has great builders Flory and LHBA do a good job.

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Proposed city building codes to get further review

Cagiv I agree with 98% of your comment. But lets' be honest, the rise in home costs have little to do with the added expense of the new energy provisions. It has more to do with the cost of land, rise in the overall cost building materials, commissions and profits. For home owners it's the cost of home ownership that's important. That includes mortage, taxes, insurance and also heating and cooling bills. We hear from homebuilders wildly varying cost/benefit analysis which may be out of misinformation or just trying to make a point or aurguement. These costs are estimated to be anywhere from $1000 to $6000 for the average home. Objective industry analysis puts this figure around $2000. $2000 added to a typical mortgage increases the mortgage slightly and with the savings in lower heating and cooling bills homeowners can expect to recover that initial cost and start seeing savings in as little as 1 year.

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Proposed city building codes to get further review

Slow your roll there Grandma. Let's put the broad brush back in the paint can. I think the main issue is change not some evil plan to build cheap homes. Most of those really cheap home builders have been weeded out with the downturn in the market. Here in Lawrence contractors on average build relatively energy efficient homes. Low E windows, air ducts are tested for leaks, air barriers, plates and joints are calked sealed and inspected, all stuff required by the current code. The new codes require blower door tests and R-19 in the walls as one way to meet code. This is a change from 50 years of building homes so there's a lot of confusion about how to meet the code. LHBA is not opposed to the new code. I think the LHBA wants to allow homes meet a certain HERS rating as compliance with code. Seems like a really good idea. I know a member of the board and they are trying to phase this stuff in to let the builders get use to the new methods of building. LHBA and the City is on board with that. Oh and yes LHBA does lobby the commission, but that's democracy so get use to it.

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