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What construction project in Lawrence is causing you the biggest headache?

My biggest headache is Haskell to 31st. I live on the east side and to get to the south side was easy going to Haskell and 31st. Now I have to come up with new routes to get to that side of town to stay away with all the construction.

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Lawrence police release more details of Thursday evening crash

Praying that Chaitra Ford recovers from her injuries. Thank God the other people did not get seriously get hurt. My thoughts and prayers are with Chaitra and her family.

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Berry Plastics to close five plants across the country; Lawrence plant not yet named

They will not be closing the Lawrence Plant my husband actually works there and they will be getting a new machine from one of the plants that is closing.

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Would you shop at Menards if it came to Lawrence?

I would I love going to Menards when I go to Topeka. I still would go to Home Depot.

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Man pistol-whipped in attempted robbery at The Reserve apartments; two suspects in custody

I have co-workers that live over there and I hope none of them was the one that got hurt.

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While residents have fled troubled trailer park, tons of trash remain

The city should come over to Brookwood because there are trailers that are there that is old and some that came from Gaslight ain' t no better either. You should tell the city to look in to it.

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Man's car containing his mother's ashes stolen from Lawrence parking lot

I have seen that car here in Lawrence. I want to say downtown but can' t be sure because it has been over a week now.

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Lawrence man charged with aggravated battery after argument with woman

I know both of the people.

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Do you know someone who works for Boeing?

That is sad that they are closing because we can't keep jobs here in Kansas to keep people of the unemployment line. we are losing businesses like crazy.

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Investigation continues into cause of head-on crash on U.S. Highway 56

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