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New policy on gays could devastate military

Tom, I know some lesbians who could kick your whiny ignorant butt back to the Stone Age, where you belong!

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Obama's Women - A National Trend

What does attractiveness have to do with any of these women's jobs? NOTHING!!! I've never heard of anyone mocking all the ugly old dudes that are in Senate, Congress, etc. for not being attractive enough. Is this why Sarah Plain gets a pass from most conservatives? Does her supposed "good looks" make up for the fact that she has no business in politics?This is typical misogynistic behavior. If a women ain't pretty she can't possible be good enough. Well, I gotta tell you, if an intelligent thoughtful "opinion" were necessary to blog on this website, iamtired would have nothing to post....

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Norweigian Study Shows Breastfeeding Is Not Best

In regards to breastfeeding, "Would someone explain to me why this is such a big deal?". Exactly...

You pride yourself on being a prude but it seems to me you are the one turning the natural act of breastfeeding into something dirty. For shame...

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Do you think the death penalty deters murder?

Hey did you hear the one about how the death penalty prevents repeat offenses?

That shore enuff is a good one, yep!

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Senior sass

Did you go out "professionally", bankboy119? Or did the yearbook reject yer picture because of the thumbsucking? Or was it the teddybear and the picture of yer mom?

You people need to get some satire implanted in yer brains. Taking one's self too seriously is a sign of stupidity and narcissism. Remind you of yerself?

November 28, 2006 at 5:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Senior sass

Wow, delegatezero you must be the most humorless person on the planet! Those pictures of Jake Schultz are a hilarious send-up. I think if anyone seems in need of "special attention" its those seniors who take themselves oh-so seriously in their class pix....Why so insulting?

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Police used high-tech surveillance at festival

All this talk in black and white.

I need drugs just to see some color in this polarized crazy world.

Please use this surveillence equipment to stop drunk-drivers from getting in cars and killing people.

We are such hypocrites...

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Smokers welcome - and legal - at shop

Let the whining begin...

No one is forcing ANY non-smoker to go to this smokeshop. So why does it matter so much that it exists?

I don't drink much alcohol. You don't find me b*tching about drunk people in bars. Heck they might kill someone with second-hand drunkenness (DUIs). Complaining about smokers when it won't even affect you is silly. We do still live in a free country, right?

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Smokers welcome - and legal - at shop

That is, Lawrence is smoke-free in bars and restaurants. But not in smoke-shops. Thus the term, S-M-O-K-E-S-H-O-P.

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Smokers welcome - and legal - at shop

You DO get to eat in a smoke-free environment now. Lawrence is smoke-free.

These folks have a smoke-shop not a cafe. Are you gonna go in and order hummus and ask for the non-smoking section? You KNOW its a smoke-shop. WTF?

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