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You just can't find a better wing anywhere. Some may argue and that is your right, but I would argue this one till the cows come home. Before I moved to Lawrence, I used to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings nearly every week and even did so when I first moved to town. A friend who had been living here awhile turned me on to this place. It is now five years later after moving here and I can probably count on one hand how many times since then that I have gone back to BWWs. The appetizer portions are tremendous, and although their service is almost always hit and miss, I will remain loyal to this place based on their wings alone although I am told their burgers are quite good. (Suggestion - order their Pepper Jack Nachos, too. Also unrivaled in Lawrence).

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Final fling: Ex-Jayhawk Scott Russell dons pink, wins again

I think what makes this article special is that this guy doesn't train in some fancy gym. He doesn't have a a beavy of trainers at his side watching his every move ready to feed him a protein shake when he's done and take care of his aches and pains. He teaches middle school by day (coaches track, too), throws on his own and works out on his own in a gym that is anything but state of the art. I work out there, too, and it is a great gym, but I am sure it is quite a bit different from the places other Olympians train. He has earned every thing that has come to him. I am just disappointed that I wasn't able to see your final relays throw. Good luck in the next coming months. Will be watching. RCJH!!!

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Town Talk: BBQ supply store opens in West Lawrence; city looking for ways to increase helmet usage at skate parks; governor and Leadership Kansas members to have Lawrence gala on Friday

Fighting the urge not to leave work in the middle of the day to go check out the BBQ supply store. This is awesome. It is about time. Does the place have a website up and running?

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Living the life: Ex-KU players — some pursuing dreams of their own — help at Self fantasy camp

I only have one complaint and it's more about the concept of this camp than the article. I love the concept of the fantasy camp, but it just seems like a steep price to pay and excludes a good portion of diehard fans. Doesn't really seem like a camp for the people. Love ya HCBS, but feel like there are a lot of us out there who would love to attend but won't ever be able to afford it at that price. I guess that's college athletics though...

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Elijah Johnson: T-Rob’s KU career ‘all over’

Well, let's see...we have a kid coming in by the name of Perry Ellis who is extremely talented to go along with a player in Ben McLemore who at the beginning of the season Self called our best pro prospect. Oh and I hear that there is another kid who is supposed to be decent named Jamari Traylor who already will have had a semester of practice against T-Rob to get better. Oh, and you didn't mention Travis Releford. He might help a bit...

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House approves bill prohibiting state funds for remedial courses at universities

So if a student has a learning disability in a particular content area, they should be excluded from a university based on the fact that they may need some remedial courses. Nonsense! Funny how the three folks pushing for the bill in this article happen to have what in their towns colleges and technical schools. Interesting...

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Some KU fans go to extraordinary lengths to ensure a Jayhawks win

If you can't tell by my posting name, I am a diehard St. Louis Cardinal fan who also happens to bleed Crimson and Blue. My superstitions extend far beyond these. I refuse to wear team apparel the day of a game, unless I am going to the actual game. I will not wear team apparel the day after a loss, although I have been known to change shirts after the game is over, providing the Hawks or my Redbirds win. I always, no matter what, pick the Jayhawks to win it all on any of my brackets, even if I lose money. I will never admit that the 'Hawks will win for sure before a game out of respect for an opponent. I refuse to watch the 'Hawks or 'Cards outside of my home, unless I am watching them in person.

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Senate urged to consider gun bill

There is the obvious answer, and of course that is assuming that college kids would even want to purchase guns and apply for a CC license anyway. One could also argue that a person with a CC license could be carrying a gun into a public place illegally, too. I get that. Just feel like resources or suggestions to attempt to keep our citizens safe could be better utilized somewhere else. And, there are just some places that guns should not be allowed and it is not cost effective to put metal detectors all over the place. Agreed, one life lost or damaged is one too many, but the answer for protecting one another isn't allowing for the opportunity for there to be more guns.

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Senate urged to consider gun bill

I am still baffled by the fact that we let anything that comes from the this idiot Knox be supported. Does this man have children that even attend public schools or universities here in this state? Is there evidence that he and/or his family would have ever benefited from having a gun in a public building? I can just imagine 16,300 screaming fans in AFH jumping up and down and a handgun just happens to fall out of student's pocket. Same goes for Memorial Stadium, Bramlage, BSFS, Koch Arena...No way allowing guns on college campuses is the way to go. Why not propose a measure that adds funding to university police departments or privately funded security businesses? Still helps maintain peace and civility and provides jobs. I live in Lawrence and I am not a liberal. I am originally from a small town in Kansas, took hunter's safety courses as a child, and went hunting on numerous occasions with my father. I have even fired guns at a range on several occasions. I believe in a person's right to CC, just not on college campuses. Just like you wouldn't want a person carrying a gun in a high school, college kids are just No guns necessary!

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No mercy: Kansas avoids upset

Good to see Tharpe and Young contribute. Might need it. TT needs to carry around an IV or the next couple of days just to make sure. Like the win, didn't love the stagnant offense. Keep rockin' Hawks!

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