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Manziel is first freshman Heisman Trophy winner

Okay maybe not catastrophe. Couldn't think of another word. Still a joke, though!

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Manziel is first freshman Heisman Trophy winner

Agreed. This is a catastrophe. I normally don't pay too much attention because the the winners are usually at least close to being deserving, but what a joke! I sure hope he thanked ESPN first for the award. Sorry to Collin and Manti...maybe the should put an asterisk next to this one...performance enhancing social media!

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Genesis takes over operations of Lawrence Athletic Club; $4 million remodel on tap

Should we expect more Spangles in town (the same family owns both)? The Stevens already own half of Wichita, now Lawrence? Watch out Dougie C!

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Weis hopes packed house will honor KU football seniors Saturday night

Just picked up my tickets this morning. My family will be there. Will yours? RCJH!!!

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Tim Biere among Chiefs’ cuts

That's a bummer. I keep checking in on former 'Hawks. At first, I did see one of most recent favorite Jayhawks on the Denver Broncos roster, but low and behold, here he is in the picture. Former walk-on Steven Johnson (41) making a tackle in the game

Actually Johnson led the team in tackles yesterday with 7. Chris Harris had one too and Dez Briscoe led the Redskins in receiving on Saturday. I know it is just preseason, but still nice to see these boys getting a chance to play on Sundays.

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Coachspeak: League peers sound off on Charlie Weis

Unfortunately, I investigated this a little further and apparently DB wasn't showing up for voluntary workouts possibly due to some off-the-field issues (his current lady and former girlfriend - the mother of his child - are at each other on twitter over some sexts) ...he was the only player under contract who wasn't showing up according to some reports. He also failed a conditioning test as well. I seem to remember him having some work ethic issues while he was here as well. Google his name to read up on these issues if you would like to know more. Stinks nonetheless, though, so I hope that he lands somewhere else.

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Heard on the Hill: Professor points out lack of tropical biodiversity; new buyout info expected today; other universities petition Chick-fil-A

Question...does his comment make the chicken taste any different? If not, then I say keep the chicken flowing. Do not let the idiocy of one ruin things for everyone else!

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Coachspeak: League peers sound off on Charlie Weis

That's really a bummer about Briscoe. He was on pace to be a really good second/third option on that team. He even started several games. However, the Bucs are a trainwreck. Hopefully he gets on with a new team soon. Even though you don't know the guy, come on HCCW. Put in a good word with the Chiefs or Pats!

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