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Animal activist addresses farm cruelty

Just in case you are looking for humane treatment of rodents

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Measure banning "wrongful birth" claims approved by Kansas Senate

There are other reasons to inform the the fact that there are now certain procedures, etc. that can be performed in utero to help prevent severity of certain health concerns. The information is also beneficial because if there is a disability discovered before birth, there are interventions that can be put into place from the time the child is born to improve the child's life course. This bill just might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

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City cleans up after second storm

Check the front page of talking about the snow storm. The picture is from Lawrence!

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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

Somebody, anybody...okay. I'll say it. The Prophet Elijah hath returned!!! Agreed, there probably should have been a foul called one way or another on his last drive in regulation and Withey should have fouled out much, much earlier (kudos to Young Money for that one). But, Niang did foul on the pass out to Nadir - which I thought was smart at the time to not allow an open three pointer - and what if it would have been called a block...the discussion on the foul would have been a near moot point. Elijah still had to hit his free throws and Iowa State and their long-range attack had plenty of time to set of a decent play before overtime and didn't...thanks to some better-than-average perimeter defense for a change. Or, what if ISU got the rebound on the missed lay-up by EJ. And, they could have just as easily won in overtime. Remember, we were playing at their place. Some people also thought Sherron might have traveled before passing it to Mario in '08. That's why they line up and play the game. Refs didn't have a winner of a game, but I would much rather see them let the kids play it out and decide than have the whistle figure it out. Just a thought...

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KU, Lawrence among schools closed on Friday; other activities canceled

I'm game for more! In the infamous words of Joe Swanson...Bring it on!!!

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Winter storm forces cancellation of classes, events

A little too ironic...yeah, I really do think.

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Advocates for disabled students urge stricter rules for seclusion and restraint

Although these actions are deplorable and I am a big believer in restraint and seclusion as being an absolute last resort, there are unfortunately situations where it is in the best interest of everyone involved. Being a former paraeducator, I have the scars and the hospital visits to prove why it can be necessary. What needs to happen is instead of just if and when, they need to look at how. There are training programs for staff that allow for the safety and dignity of everyone involved to be taken into consideration that should be mandatory, Professional Crisis Management (PCM) being an example. Most schools only offer Mandt training and for older children, it just simply does not work. In fact, it is a joke and is only going to get someone hurt. Mandate training on when and how for all staff for the safety of the staff and the student. As a parent, advocate for that training. In fact, maybe observe so you know exactly how the process works.

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Strauss, Mayo commit to NW Missouri St. football

Sounded like that Strauss kid was pretty talented. Sure would have liked to see what he could have done in a Jayhawk uniform. NWMSU is a good program. Hope they both do well!

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Dayne Crist relishes all-star invite

So, here's my two cents...for those who follow the KC Chiefs or just the NFL in general, you will remember how awful Tyler Palco was. However, it's even lesser known that apparently at Pittsburgh (where he played his college ball) he was so much better that his competition for the QB spot that his backup transferred to play at an FCS (or 1-AA) school because the coaches told his backup he wouldn't play. His backup, however, did have everything that Crist is described as having - size, skill-wise, and between the ears - but yet he couldn't start at a major D1 program. Seemed to work out for the backup, who is now the starting QB for the playoff-bound Baltimore Ravens and has been since his rookie year. I'm not saying Dayne is Joe Flacco. I'm just saying there's a chance and even though his skills didn't translate to wins on the field, I'm one of the people that feels he's hopefully played a part in leaving KU in much better place than when he found it. Good luck Dayne and Rock Chalk Jayhawk! I will be routing for you!

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Kicker commits to KU

On another positive football note, it appears as though ESPN has come to its senses just a touch after the Heisman debacle it created. It named James Sims as an All-Big 12 Conference Selection and Tanner Hawkinskon Honorable Mention.

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