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Letter: Due process?

I can't believe it, you are taking a conservative position. Maybe you need to change your party affiliation.

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Income tax cuts approved in House

So I guess that means that if you ride the empT on the roads your are a double mooch and social leech? YOU cant have it both ways. I would like to personally thank you for being one of those. It warms my heart in my time of giving just how ungrateful those on the take really are.

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Income tax cuts approved in House

I guess if you are a taker instead of a maker, you hate this. I wrote my check last week and it hurt. I would like to personally thank all the moochers and leeches out there that will be enjoying money taken from my family and given to you.

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Nursery business files plans to open farmers' market in West Lawrence

Hopefully you can get waited on at the farmers market than the store. Have been in there multiple times and was like pulling teeth to get someone to help you.

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Letter: Postal plan

It may of been, but who in congress sponsored the bill? Then who supported it?

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Editorial: Local politics

You bet, a half time barbers wages is the quickest way to own most of Redbud lane and the other half block of rentals in this city.

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Sanburn seeks public engagement on wide range of issues

This is the last person we need on the school board. She is part of the reason we are in this position now and throwing more money at the public education system will do nothing. The whole system needs overhauled.

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Editorial: Access to care

I'll bet not a one of you that posted above would be happy with half the pay your skills bring, and then have to wait on it too. The problem is NOT with the poor or the dental community, it is with the idiots that place all the requirements and such on the industry. This is not just our current legislature, it is all of them, federal and state. They think they know better what we need, who should provide it and for how much. To hell with all of them. Get the government out of the administration and let the market take care of the problem. Costs go down do to less paperwork and hopefully services would rise.

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Member of Lawrence Public Library's management team leaving to take top library post in Chapel Hill

Why does the library need a marketing director?

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Sides clash in hearing on bill that would repeal in-state tuition for undocumented students

With all the Americans out of work, how in the world could anyone boast compassion for law breakers at the expense of those who actually belong here. This is simply a money grab for who ever is catering to these illegals, whether it is those who want to secure funding by educating them or those who want to exploit them for cheap labor.

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