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Landlords speak out against proposed expansion of city's rental licensing program

Good ones and bad ones, they promise you stuff and come over at first but a few calls they write you off and let you suffer! It was all nice at first but now it is attitude and can not get nothing done. But they sure as hell want there money, but don't want to fix what needs to be done. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I can get it done myself and then give the landlord the bill because that is the only way I know it will get done right!

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Lawrence High wrestlers step up as team loses leaders

Well I think the upcoming Freshman will do wonders! I went to watch them wrestle a few weeks back and they did outstanding! Go Get'em Lions, I think everyone on the team should be encouraged and praised for all the hard work.
May all the injured wrestlers get well soon and make a full recovery!

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Employee cited after vehicle crashes into 31st Street restaurant

Where is this restaraunt? I just go straight to Wal-mart and back home so I have no clue where this is?

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High school graduation dates to change in 2013

BIG MISTAKE......BIG MISTAKE, glad my nephew is graduating on a weekend so all of our out of town families will be able to enjoy this wonderful moment. Can't say too much for my other niece and nephew who will be graduating during the week later in the years to come. OMG, that is just a bad call on the principals to make. Maybe they will see how bad this decision is and change it back to how they had it for so many years.

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Police arrest wanted man outside of Lawrence

Very bad person, he was a big bully growing up and I am sure he is one now. Highlight when we got to High School was watching this guy get creamed by some guys that were defending there lil friend. Hope the people that got there house broken into are able to claim it on insurance and able to replace everything. Sad but some people just need to be in jail/prison to stay out of trouble and he is one of them!

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