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More families seeking help for holidays this year

I hope you also seen moms at Headstart that did work there butts off. I'm one of those mom my son at the age of 6 is still and will always be a Headstart Kid :) I felt the same way as you about SRS its like they want you to quit for job there income guildelines suck! I hope you can find something for your kids.

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More families seeking help for holidays this year

Also try toys for tots

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More families seeking help for holidays this year

You guys can dis Edgewood all you want. I dont like putting my business out but I pay $600 a month to live in Edgewood and no all utilities arent paid. You should probably get your facts straight.
I am not $300 ahead of everybody else because I am in debt after cost of my daughters liver transplant. I was not trying to be rude to her I was only saying how does she have rights to say who does or doesnt deserve help. I can understand her stress I think I have had my fair share of stress. my husband was working his butt off trying to suppost us while I lived at the hospital with my daughter.

Honeydew I hope you can find some help. Have you tried Santa Case??

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More families seeking help for holidays this year

First I want to say that i doubt you called I know of three single moms that called at the beginning of November and was told that Dec 1 was the last day. With the struggle these agencies have every year do you think they would wait until the 1st??? I wasnt going to comment on this until you had to throw Edgewood into it I live in Edgewood but you know what I play full rent not reduced. I work my butt off and I dont get free childcare. Maybe if life is so bad for you that should move into Edgewood and get reduced rent. How did you know these two"heroin addicts" didnt have 8 kids?

I hope theses agencies can get some help.

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KU's swine flu cases reach 47

Ok so because people want to go out sick I have to keep my daughter inside. No thats not right. My daughter has spent most of her life in a hospital room I shouldn't have to keep her in side. Have enough respect for other people stay home.

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Judge sentences Robert Grey to 26 years for rape

inbetweentowns I agree with you. Bless his family.
BigDave remember that his family does read this you don't have to make comments like that. I know Robert and I think he is a nice guy.

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KU's swine flu cases reach 47

Please stay at home if your sick! My daughter is immunesupressed and any flu could be bad on her. So if your sick or if your kids are sick stay at home!

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U.S. sees first death from swine flu

Just wanted to add that there are alot of people like my daughter who have weak immune systems. PLease stay in the house if your sick. Wash your hands!!!!

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KU students dance for a worthy cause

Just wanted to say thank you to Alex and the rest the students who put the dance marathon together. We had so much fun! We can't wait until next year!

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Look back to 2008 in photos

Thanks Mike! You take such great pictures. Addison just loved having her pictures taking! I hope people look at her pictures and see who organ donation helps!

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