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Student faces 'long road' to overcoming mental illness

Didn't read it, but not surprised Multi said something stupid or nasty. She always struck me as mean.

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What was your favorite television show when you were a kid?

She-Ra was the $h!t.

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Gov. Sam Brownback defends decision to expand wind-free zone in Flint Hills

I thought we were supposed be finding alternate "resources" for energy? The coal supply isn't infinite. We have plenty of open wind country. The wind farms could be tourist attractions, they'd only add to the Flint Hills.

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President Barack Obama's birth certificate released by White House

True, but your opinion is ignorant.

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Gunshots, Fireworks, Marijuana and a Flaming Toilet

Oh, NO! Someone in Lawrence was smoking weed!!! *gasp*

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Multiculturalism doesn’t work


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Allowing a banned user, and current city commission candidate, to return to

NOW he wants rational discussion? Should've thought of that before you got your butt banned so many times! Can't believe someone like that thinks he even has a shot in he!! getting elected.
Not getting my vote.

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Bullying drives former Baldwin student to take her education home

Perhaps. Or they're just spoiled brats who are full of themselves. I think that's more likely.

December 12, 2010 at 1:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Bullying drives former Baldwin student to take her education home

Good for you, Amanda! I wish I would've had that option in highschool. I'm glad school boards across the country are finally starting to crack down on bullying. It really is detrimental to emotional development and academic progress. Sounds like some of the students at Baldwin High need some sense smacked into them.

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