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Sheahon Zenger has guts to hire Mike Leach

Who in the world do u think would be better?

KU cannot afford to hire some halfbutted "up and coming" unproven loser like Gill. If they accepted mediocrity they would have kept Gill.

Leach has proven that he can win, Leach has proven hr can compete in the Big12, and can build a football program in Lubbock, TX... He certainly can do better in Lawrence, KS...

Any other coach, in particular Ron Sooo would be th biggest mistake possible. I would also hate to see Venables - an slightly above average defensive coach with top tier talent at Oklahoma... Leavitt wouldnt be bad as option 1.B... But can he recruit Texas???? We need a coach that has proven he can win in the Big 12..

Leach is this proof. If we don't get Leach we shouldn't have gotten rid of Gill. We are obviously shooting for a big name coach, and are willing to spend... Any other coach would be a failure. Sumlin I don't agree with either, he is basically a Turner Gill reincarnation. GET LEACH.

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KU student injured in Denver shooting

I hope the guys that did this get there Karma and I know they will. Get some you punk ass pussys. Your lucky the victims weren't strapped! ! !

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Recruiting woes: Mangino’s play-calling against MU not the issue

I actually don't mind woodling, he comes off strong sometimes but thats what a writer needs to do...

I will always respect an quote that uses some sort of fact though, as I do every time in all of my posts...for some reason I'm viewed as the "california jerk" for having an opinion based on actual facts.

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Recruiting woes: Mangino’s play-calling against MU not the issue

Wow. Whack Woodling...More like roast him!

Excellent roasts by the past two KU fans- giving examples to back your bashing!

This is what I like to see! A+ guys...(HBJAY and BABBOY)

That is how it is done fellas.

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If this is the end, how will Mangino be remembered?

I cannot even believe this one:

rrh (Anonymous) says…

A possible solution to what to do next: Behind the scenes, ask Bill Self what should be done. Self is a class act and a good judge of people and their character. If Coach Self candidly says to keep Mangino, then that should be done

Seriously? In lieu of me being a shock jockey- and mobbing on people for not thinking or being rational before typing...this one is really is that baseless of a comment...I can't even respond.


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