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KU student critically injured in accident at Iowa Street and Harvard Road

We definitely need something, but traditional red light cameras aren't it.

Married couple drives the same car, car runs a light. Which one did it? Or was it the son? Or someone who borrowed the car for a brief errand? It's a logistical nightmare.

Like other posters, if the driver did run a red light, I'd guess it was due to distraction. Cell phone, road side 'cool stuff', radio/heat fiddle, etc. People don't usually willfully blow through red lights because they felt like it.

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KU student hospitalized after skiing injury in Colorado

it depends on which resort you're at. Steamboat Springs requires helmets for anyone in lessons, so the total percentage is higher - probably just over half.

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Sound Off: Cellphone ticket

passengers shut up when things get dicey. You tune out the radio when you have to concentrate.

Walking and chewing gum isn't a good analogy - chewing gum is an automatic behavior.

And we've got proof that people, in fact, can NOT walk and talk / text on their cell phone. Driving is more attention demanding than walking.
( for the proof, among many others found via google search).

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Sound Off: Cellphone ticket

"The accident statistics for a "hands-free" device drop dramatically."

Research shows that, in all actuality, the hands free headset bits don't change much. It's the act of conversing with a person who's totally unaware of the driving situation that pulls your own attention out of the car. Hands free can't fix that.

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Weather forces districts, including Lawrence, to cancel classes; other cancellations listed

Part of it is that Lawrence doesn't have the resources set aside to deal with the snow. So roads don't get plowed etc.

The other part is that, since it rained first, the 2 inches of snow are covering a sheet of ice.

Add both of those with 25-35 mph winds with gusts of 50?

As a steamboat springs, CO native, I see where you're coming from - but there are factors that go into these decisions other than sheer amounts of snow.

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23rd Street Zarco 66 robbed Sunday night

I assure you that the clerk(s) working on sunday night aren't the ones responsible for setting the fuel prices. Show a little decorum.

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Alcohol involved in Oct. 19 accident

truth: it won't matter.

It's illegal to drive while intoxicated whether you hit anyone/anything or not.

Granted, dude shouldn't have been laying in the street, so we can argue the culpability of the driver for the injury - but if his BAC was above .08, he'll be charged regardless of whether he's culpable for the injury or not.

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Kansas regulation board, doctor battle over abortion case costs

Taitz is from Cali. We have to finish running our own citizens into the dirt before we can start on the west cost.

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Tiller's abortion clinic sold

These comments for the most part sadden me.

This clinic will provide abortions, yes. but so many of you are missing the other piece of this. SO many women can't find a women's health clinic that would provide IN pregnancy care (you know... that care you need because you've chose to continue your pregnancy?) , birth control, STD tests, etc.

This clinic will provide all of THOSE services too.

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Editorial: Waning wind

and would that I could confine them under a bed.

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