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Bicylist injured after colliding with vehicle on East 23rd Street

Yes, it is perfectly legal for a cyclist to ride in a traffic lane.

However, it's illegal for them to weave in and out of traffic on the road, blow through stop signs, or otherwise ignore the rules for traffic. If you cycle in a car lane, you're supposed to follow the rules of traffic. Many cyclists follow these rules - but many don't.

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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

To be fair, any landlord worth their salt will turn around and put either an eviction or responsibility clause in their lease. Something to the effect of "If the city fines me for a couch on the porch while you're on the lease, you owe me twice that. If it happens a second time within 18 months, you're evicted for non-compliance with city ordinances"

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CVS stores requiring ID to buy nail polish remover in effort to combat meth

nah - by the time they're in college, they *usually* have real IDs that say they're 18.

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Editorial: Too poor?

... I'm assuming I'm missing sarcasm here. You can't really think unpaid for ER visits don't cost us anything.

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greygirl: I used to love love love this place, great food, a...

There's nothing inherently vegetarian about a spring roll. It's not listed under any of their vegetarian lists - they make no claims that it's vegetarian. If you didn't ask, I don't see how the chef is responsible for this.

MANY spring rolls from MANY areas include shrimp, and it's fairly traditional. I understand that you didn't know this - but it's your mistake, not the chef's. And it should be you that ends up paying for it. Pay for different food - fine. Nothing says you have to eat what you don't want.

In this case, The Customer is NOT Always Right.

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Petitions delivered urging Brownback to veto anti-abortion measures

...tyranny? (i'm legitimately confused and not sure if you're trying to write a different word or not).

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Sound Off: Reporting texters

"Cell phones should utilize some type of GPS signal that puts them into airplane mode (unable to send/receive calls/texts) while they are moving."

This plan is ... not very well thought out. I ride the bus. A lot. On a 30 minute bus ride from JoCo to KU, should I not be allowed to use my phone just because i'm 'moving'?

I'm all for something, but you truly need to put more thought into it than that.

We have the technology to prevent cell phone use in the driver's seat. But what if I need to call the police after getting hit, and can't get out of the drivers seat or reach the 'of'f' switch of the car?

We have the technology to require the phone to be in a certain place on the car to keep the engine from shutting off. But what about people that leave phones at home / don't have them?

Further, people will do their damndest to get around any of these measures.

Texting while driving is a problem, yes. But you're looking at the wrong set of solutions.

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Editorial: Wage balance

By definition, that doesn't fix overtime pay. Federal law states overtime must be paid to hourly workers on a per week basis- not a per year.

Further, would *you* be willing to work a job that just determined to not pay you during a few weeks that you didn't know about ahead of time?

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Snow safety tips: Take breaks and know your limits

I'd do it for $25. What neighborhood do I need to start canvassing?
~Sincerely, A Poor Graduate Student

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Curbside recycling committee recommending city sign contract with Hamm Companies for local recycling center; question of whether to accept glass still undecided

How in the world can we justify forcing curbside recycling if it doesn't take glass? it's not like glass is a common product or anything.

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