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Letter: Out of balance

They employ a lot of people, but giving corporations more tax breaks to hire people to make widgets won't bring in one new job if the middle class can't afford to buy the widgets already on the shelf.

That's exactly why the auto industry nearly self-destructed. They had so much excess inventory when the bottom fell out of the market that they could barely give away cars.

We have to put money in the middle class pockets; they are the ones who have been doing without the new appliances, cars, etc., because they are just scraping along. The rich won't do anything with the extra money; they will just sock it away.

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Jenkins says Schlingensiepen should apologize to her for comment

What is your definition of a decent Democrat? Serious question.

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Jenkins says Schlingensiepen should apologize to her for comment

That's an EASY one! ;)

As a German descendant I had names just as difficult in my direct ancestry. Things like Hobbisiefken, for instance.

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Letter: Out of balance

If only they WOULD employ more people. Instead, they will simply pocket their money, and send it overseas.

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Letter: Out of balance

There was no need for the law. There were acceptable safeguards in place already.

Kobach wrote the law for Kansas, but we, the taxpayers, get to spend a ridiculous amount of money in getting it implemented, all to stop perhaps a dozen votes (if that many) that might just possibly be fraudulent, and not simply a mistake on the part of the voter.

In creating this law, Kobach will prevent many more duly registered legal voters from voting than he will prevent fraudulent voters from casting their illegal ballots. Here in Kansas, I'd bet that a good share of them will be Republicans, too.

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Letter: Out of balance


When I first registered to vote, I liked the entire platform of the Repubs, except for their anti-abortion stance. I thought I could help push pro-choice items onto the platform, instead of trying to pull the Democrats to the right and get them to be fiscally responsible. But the party got infiltrated by the rich, who pandered to the Religious Right for a steady supply of faithful voters on the single plank of abortion (well, that and gay discrimination), so they could get a government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.

But when they started talking about making a procedure that saved my life illegal, and allowing everyone under the sun to make decisions about my reproductive system except for ME, I left.

And now, if you look at recent history, the Democrats are actually MORE fiscally responsible than the Republicans have been.

I was a Republican for better than half my voting life, and I doubt I will ever go back to being a Republican again.

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Letter: Out of balance


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Letter: Out of balance

The tax break also includes the Koch Brothers entire business structure. Convenient, huh?

Most sub-s, LLC, and sole proprietorships that are run by small business owners, especially sales businesses as opposed to service industries, run at a paper loss due to depreciation, and the ability to expense off items that would be household expenses in a wage-earner's tax return. So they won't pay taxes on it anyway.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's task force on school efficiency includes no one who works in a school

I'm beginning to think they want the K-12 online school to be the school of choice for all Kansas kids and parents. I certainly see a lot of ads for it, considering the same ads say it's free....

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