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No charges yet, but information about alleged turkey abuse case sent to D.A.'s office

The turkey was not "rented". Think about the logic behind that statement before regurgitating. Just because it was in a quote made by the member of the band that called the police does not mean it's true. And yes, I know this for a fact.

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City prepares to sign development agreement for Rock Chalk Park recreation center as questions continue

What agreement has the city entered into regarding the Rec Center? No one but the city is involved with the Rec Center.

In fact, the city is getting a DEAL on the Rec Center, but everyone is confusing their desire to not build a $25M Rec Center with the fact that they are getting "fleeced". You may not like the pricetag, but the product is worth WAY MORE than $25M.

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City prepares to sign development agreement for Rock Chalk Park recreation center as questions continue

In simplest terms, the deal between KUEA and Bliss is only relevant to the city for rezoning issues (which are resolved) along with any subsequent infrastructure costs. As it turns out, the "infrastructure costs" have been labeled that way innaccurately by this project's opposition as laid out by Chad in the itemized list of which none are general "infrastructure costs".

The $2.3M fee that the city must pay if they don't build the rec center on this site are all costs that the city has already committed to, not additions or any fee trying to be squeezed out of the city by KUEA or Bliss. There is NO REASON ANYONE needs to see the agreement between Bliss and KUAE, especially Amyx. If everyone is mad about the committed money be mad at our City Commissioners, not Bliss or KUEA.

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This year's Rock Chalk Revue raising funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters, new KU student fund

Great thing the Greek community does, don't think they get enough credit a lot of times.

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City issues permits for $11 million in apartment construction, $600K expansion at Hallmark

Ugh. I'm very much in favor of the development boom that seems to be coming to Lawrence but please, stop with the mega apartment complexes, especially on major commercial avenues...

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Chamber still considering major, private capital campaign; eco devo leaders hoping to get an assist from Phil Mickelson

No matter the content of the article, some people will never be satisfied. Good grief.

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Agreements indicate multiple ways for Fritzel entities to profit from Rock Chalk Park project

The old estimate was $18M. The up to date, comprehensive one was reported by Chad as in the $22M range. It was also reported that the land purchase price will sit within the $25M cap. So, you are wrong on all counts.

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Agreements indicate multiple ways for Fritzel entities to profit from Rock Chalk Park project

Forgot to mention the $925,000 architectural fees that are included in the $25M mark as well, but I'm not sure if that is part of the $22.5M number or not.

My motivation is I think RCSP and a high end recreation center would be a great addition to the community. Nothing more.

Cmon, Bozo. There is not a businessman worth a salt in any industry in the world that does not include his own costs. Most contracts in the United States for contractors include a 12-22% profit and overhead factored into the overall price of a project. This is true in any country and contractor's office on earth. Fritzel offered 10% for RCSP. Look it up on the website right now.

Contractors still have to pay their employees to draw up plans, presentations, contracts, lease buildings for their own employees etc. As far as RCSP specific costs, as an example, if someone in the neighborhood is walking their dog on a sunday and they decide to see what they guys have been up to accidentally hurt themselves on the site, then Fritzel is liable. Liability has a cost. Equipment needs to be cleaned before it exits the site, that goes for every vehicle or piece of equipment that comes throughout a day. That has a cost. Bliss Sports' employees health care, 401K contributions, etc....that has a cost. This just scratches the surface and is why a 22% profit and overhead figure is not at all greedy or conniving or irrational. If someone mows your lawn do they only charge you for the fuel to run the mower? If someone repairs your car do they only charge you for the part? Fritzel's offer is 10%. Less than the minimum national average. He offered this when he wanted a no-compete clause to build the rec center as well.

10% is EXTREMELY generous in the industry. Some people don't recognize that because the term "profit" is by it. He is not being dishonest, he is not being greedy, he is running a business. He does not OWE anyone any justification why he is making a donation to KU. He does not owe anyone any more justification than the city has already asked.

I have never met Gene Fritzel, or any Fritzel, and I don't really want to. Personal vendettas are getting in the way of something that could really benefit us all. You may disagree with the benefiting us all part, which is fine, but I wish people would not make it personal and learn the facts before spewing unfounded garbage.

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Agreements indicate multiple ways for Fritzel entities to profit from Rock Chalk Park project

Again, check your facts Pizzapete. The most recent estimate for the rec center was right around $22.5M if I am not mistaken. It was in one of Chad's posts. They are also purchasing the land to build the rec center on for $785,000. The city has capped the price tag for the rec center at $25M regardless of the final building price.

That means they have $1,715,000 budgeted for the infrastructure, and that will not change in the current agreement.

Now, go get a quote to prepare the site that everyone is so enamored with the appropriate parking, sewer, electrical, stormwater, sidewalks and landscaping for a facility that is 181,000 sq. ft (or even 140,000 sq. ft if you feel it is too large, which is an entirely different debate) and tell me what the price tag is.

Forgot to mention the 5 mile hiking trail that recreation center visitors will undoubtedly use when visiting the facility as well.

In short, the price tag would be MILLIONS more than 25.

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