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Lawrence school district para-educators seeking to unionize for better wages, recognition

Good point, Mr. Macfarlane. These paras are working too hard for too little.

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Kansas State Board of Education recommending new licensing system to reduce teacher shortage

Special education and ELL teachers are on the same salary index as all other teachers in Lawrence.

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Lawrence teachers union holding off on salary proposals in negotiations, awaiting court decision on school funding

Each negotiations team member presented the differences in pay in surrounding districts if they were to take an identical position in a neighboring district. (These were estimates and each team member placed themselves on the schedule using master agreements available from each district rather than contacting HR at each to inquire about placements.) The pay increase (no teachers on the team would see a pay decrease) ranged from $470 per year to $14,917 for an average of approximately $9,000 in increases across the negotiations team.

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Not on my watch: Lawrence Police Department recalls toughness, generosity of Capt. Dan Affalter

The Affalters do so much for our community. What an incredible life of service. Deepest sympathies to the family.

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Lawrence High graduate helps start nonprofit to support Kansas schools

Fantastic and innovative graduates at this school!

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Lawrence Master Teacher praised for innovation, student engagement

Keri Lauxman inspires everyone around her. What a class act!

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County commissioner: Justice Matters event 'inappropriate'

Yes! Separate issues indeed!

May 6, 2015 at 10:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas Senate passes 'religious freedom' bill for campus student groups

Pilcher-Cook's religious dogma is not that different from the Phelps. In fact, many of the elected officials in Kansas share similar ideology with the Phelps. Fellow Kansans, elections have consequences. You can fix this by recruiting and electing better candidates in 2016. In the meantime, we can keep demanding fairness, openness and transparency.

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Letter: Secret support

Are you referring to that ALEC bill that Wagle concocted at 4 am while all the moderates were on the road back home?
Did the taxpayers ever get an accounting for that meeting that violated Kansas Open Meetings Act?

This is another good example of how Trabert and his wealthy out-of-state lobbyist destroy our access to Democratic decision making.

February 16, 2015 at 10:41 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Letter: Secret support

Good point Dave Trabert, and a perfect example of how you are able to circumnavigate Democracy and the will of the people in Kansas. It has not been the custom to ramrod legislation from a minority report, that the majority are against.

The commission submitted three bills to the panels, but only two had been passed by a majority of the body's nine voting members. Four members of the commission included a third bill -- on teacher bargaining rights -- in a minority, dissenting addendum to the majority's recommendation.

"It would appear to me that the minority report should not be carrying legislation," said Senator Pat Pettey, D-Kansas City.

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