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Brownback, Davis differ on meaning of economic figures

Brownback differs from most of Kansans, we just need to get rid of him.

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Schmidt Builders executive faces federal fraud charges in $15M loan from Lawrence bank

The list would surprise some, but not all of us. The employees who worked for the company 20/30 years, whom he kept all their retirement, is the ones to feel sorry for. This has been a long time coming, and is well deserved for Mr. Duncan. Hopefully all the deeds this man did will come to the surface, as there are many.

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Enforcement action nets 16 seat belt violations, 1 arrest

Seat belt checks are well and good. Why do we never read about driving and TEXTING? Heck, why don't you give me the ticket book, as I see that happening daily? If you do not figure a way to stop that, somebody will be killed in Lawrence.

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Sound Off: Why has Pump Patrol in the Journal-World been discontinued?

Because gas prices are controlled by one person, just call him.

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GOP, unaffiliated voter registration up in Kansas


You hit the nail on the head, in this state to vote primarys, YOUSE GOTTA BE REPUBLICAN.

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Have you ever been to the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum in Leavenworth?

Yes we have, we took our young granddaughter to ride the "MERRY GO ROUND" She had a wonderful time riding, as did grandma and me. You really need to take the young one up there for a ride. It is welll worth the drive.

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Letter: Unbelievable

Not this Kansas faithful, I do remember the ones who were in office when my problems started. It started with Reagan, we got an 8 year reprive, and Bush finished it off. It took awhile to get here, now will take awhile to fix.

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Letter: Unbelievable

SYCHO--He has a 5 point plan, you can ask, and he won't tell. [smile]

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Have you been following the race for the 2nd Kansas Congressional District?

Yes I have, now who is running?

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