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Letter: Shame on state

I don't really think it's hundreds of thousands. There are lots of reasons for fighting such as religious freedom, freedom of speech, protecting the homeland, paying for an education, family tradition, etc. If you recorded everyone's last words on the battlefield, very few would say, "I may not make it, *wheeze* but Guth gets his guns.:"

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Opinion: Imprison politicians for failing to heed science?

Case in point.

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Opinion: Imprison politicians for failing to heed science?

You put a link to a Wikipedia article and declare checkmate? What's your point?

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Letter: Climate choice

You are selling doubt just like the tobacco companies. If people are not sure that tobacco is bad for you, they'll keep smoking. If people are not sure that climate change due to human activity is happening, they will keep burning fossil fuels. That's good for the most current bottom lines of the providers of fossil fuels just as it has been for tobacco companies. So do you work for one of those fossil fuel companies? Are you with Americans for Prosperity? I could be way off base here, but if I am then I have to conclude that you just have your head in the sand.
Here is a link to an EPA site that would be a good start as you embark on your climate education:
If you still have trouble wrapping your mind around climate change, think about the last time you were in a plane cruising at 20,000 feet. At that altitude you're not too high to see cars moving along the highways, but you are so high that if the cabin lost pressure, you could die without oxygen. That gives you some idea of how much usable atmosphere we have. With that in mind, do you not think that all the carbon we mine and release can have a detrimental impact on our environment?
Here's a link to a picture of some cars emitting greenhouse gases in case the visual helps you: http://tomorrowspaper.files.wordpress...

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Code enforcement

Bo is a one percenter trampling on the 99.

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We’re all people

If we want to stem the flow of illegal immigrants, we have to go after the employers. If the work dries up, so will the flow. One percenters like to have them here because they lower labor costs. I often hear that illegals are doing work that Americans don't want, but that's not true. Americans will do the work, but not for low wages. But it's hard to go after the employers because many of them are the one percent and it's the one percenters who make the big decisions. Why would the one percent pressure authorities to go after employers of illegals when the one percent are among the employers?

So what can we do to stem the flow? Get the money out of politics so that it's the 99 percent who make the decisions. Then we can pressure authorities to go after employers who make illegal immigration worthwhile.

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Solid Waste Task Force's trash talks suggest new era of recycling around corner

Here's an interesting story about Omaha's experience with Deffenbaugh.

We should all read it before we jump into a long-term contract with them.

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Solid Waste Task Force's trash talks suggest new era of recycling around corner

They are durable and last a really long time, but yes, when their time is up they can be recycled.

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