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Letter to the editor: Anthem kneeling

I am with you on this, Charles. I, too, am a veteran and will stand and put my hand over my heart during the national anthem. I also support every American's right to free expression as spelled out in our constitution. I may not always like what people say and do, but as a patriot I fully support their right to express it.

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Demolition crews bring down KU's McCollum Hall

LJW, your server is too slow for streaming. At least I was able to hear it from my house.

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Opinion: Court takes legislative role on ACA

Old George Will has such a nasty and haughty way of wording things when he disagrees. The fact is, it wasn't just Justice Roberts, it was six out of nine Supreme Court justices who made this decision. What's more, Mr. Will forgets that when things are unclear, decisions can be made based on the spirit of the law as well as the letter of the law. This is why we have a Supreme Court, to interpret the entirety of the laws the other two branches enact.

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Kansas governor says using private email, cell is simpler

All government officials should avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Using private emails to conduct government business fails to do that, putting in doubt the integrity of the official and the government they are a part of.

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Douglas County says Kobach was not shown favoritism in building case; failure to be strict on building codes was result of new, unwritten policy

More excellent investigative reporting from Karen Dillon. Great job, Karen!

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Lawrence founder recognized this month for revealing truth about 1864 Sand Creek Indian massacre

Another excellent article by Karen Dillon.

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Prosecutor: No criminal charges warranted in case of woman who died in jail

Karen Dillon, you have brought excellent journalism to the Journal-World. Great follow-up.

November 30, 2014 at 1:17 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas to set up seismic monitoring system

Since there will probably be huge drops in state education funding due to the budget shortfalls resulting from income tax breaks to "small business owners," it would be great to install the seismographs at schools to help teach about the area's geology.

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Letter: Dire prophecy

We could let Texas go. That would be a good punishment like a nice spanking.

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Police arrest masked men who disrupted classrooms at KU

I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for these meddling college kids.

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