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Letter: Unsecured guns

Regardless of whether the stats are accurate, I think most Kansans would agree that there are certain people who should not have access to guns. I used to work with adults who were profoundly and multiply disabled. Most of them have no concept of what a gun is, what it is used for, or how to use it, yet if you put a gun where they could reach it, many would be capable of grabbing it and pulling the trigger. So can we agree that those people should not have access to guns? If they should not, how do we handle a person who gives them access? Do we ostracize them, beat them up, or punish them using laws? Most people I know would want to punish a person who gives access to a loaded firearm to a person who is incapable of understanding the firearm's purpose or function. If we punish the access provider through the law, that's gun control. I use this argument to show that a society like ours needs some kind of gun control. The question then becomes, where do we draw the line?
I support Gina Spade's contention that a three-year-old should not have access to loaded weapons. I also understand that teens can be taught to handle weapons in a safe manner; it happens on American farms and ranches all the time. Again, the question becomes, where do we draw the line? Wherever we draw it, that's gun control and we need it.

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Letter: Proud of Lawrence

Welcome to Lawrence and thanks for getting involved in a positive way.

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Opinion: Drones spur privacy concerns

Imagine what the Israelis and Palestinians could do to each other with these. The Israelis could hit their targets with 5 pound bombs and reduce collateral damage, and the Palestinians could hit their targets. Imagine an attack on a presidential motorcade with a hundred 5 pound bombs coming from all directions. Imagine what terrorists could do to sporting events or parades. Imagine what Al Qaeda could do to military convoys with these. They could drop a few packages in the road to stop a convoy, then bring in another hundred or more to destroy the rest of the vehicles and the people in them. I imagine that the drones could be programmed to jink their way in to avoid defensive fire. I suppose my alarm comes too late; the technology has already been developed. Now we need to develop defenses against such drones. Use your imagination on how the drones could be used, then use your imagination to protect yourself.

On the upside, you could save yourself a trip to O'Reilly's by having a spark plug delivered to your driveway in 30 minutes or less.

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Letter: Great kids

What goes around comes around, Sandy. I have been meaning to tell you what great kids you have, but I so rarely see you. Your family treats others well, and in return your family gets treated well. I'm sure you have a lifetime of benefits ahead for a family well-raised.

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Koch group spending $409K on advertising for Kansas congressman

They call it free speech. Most Americans call it corruption. Support wind energy!

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Letter: It ain’t broke

You can say that again.

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Conference center plans underway for downtown Lawrence site

OPM= Other People's Money

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Conference center plans underway for downtown Lawrence site

In October when the city takes over residential curbside recycling they will put an end to my eleven business with no compensation to me whatsoever. A small buyout would have allowed me to start another business to benefit the community, but when it came up for a vote our commissioners said no. That vote soured me on using the people's tax dollars to help already rich developers to further concentrate wealth. If they want to build this, let them pay for it. The same applies to Compton's developments.

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Saturday Column: National security advice should be free of politics

Saddam Hussein kept the Iraqi people under his thumb, but he also kept the country stable. When we overthrew his government under false pretenses we freed the various factions to start fighting each other for control. The only way to keep the factions from fighting would have been to dedicate as many resources to stability as Hussein had (probably more since we are outsiders and thousands of miles away). How long, Mr. Simons, do you think we should have kept our military there to maintain stability? How much of your money and how many offspring are you willing to sacrifice to maintain Iraq after a war of American aggression? Me? I wish we had never invaded and I'm glad we're out.

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Opinion: Liberals must show tolerance

Robert Frost said, “A liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.” That quote describes a high degree of tolerance.

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