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Kansas may seek waiver of No Child Left Behind law now that Obama has opened the door

The No Child Left Behind Act when initially passed required schools to turn over private information about students for the Federal purpose of Military Recruitment or they would be denied certain funding, unless students opted out of releasing their information. (Did your child's school ever send you a letter allowing you to opt out?) The test results are simply there to ensure that each child is methodically brainwashed of any ability to obtain knowledge through learning and dampen their ability to be creative, thoughtful individuals.

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How long do new shoes last you?

My Payless shoes used to last around 6 months until the soles literally blew out the bottom. The last pair I bought at the beginning of July literally are worn out through the bottom at my big toes. 3 months? that's $5 a month for this pair of clearance shoes....practically garbage, but they weren't anything fancy, so whatever. A pair I paid $2.50 for lasted about 4 months before they got too stinky to wear....what a steal.

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Lawrence among ‘25 Best Places to Retire’

Lawrence is a black hole just like Topeka. Once you move in, you can never move out. So go ahead, retirees, move here, spend all your money, drink the river water, and be stuck here to die, unhappy, alone, and unamused with the rest of us.

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Four communities — including Lawrence — agree to pay state to retain SRS offices

you need a serious economic reality check!
If half of the rich taxpayers of lawrence actually spent 50% more money inside the city (vs. shopping in kansas city) the sales tax increases would more than be enough to help the city repair infrastructure to draw consumers from out of town, and it would create more jobs making it harder for "leeches" to qualify because they would be able to work full time and be above the poverty line!!!!

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Four communities — including Lawrence — agree to pay state to retain SRS offices

rtwngr- i bet you take all the tax credits on your federal form for which you apply, be it credit for owning a house, having kids, or whatever. those credits are also socialist ideas.
The government exists for us to give it everything we have including our patriotic loyalty. Be sure to have your letter ready when you're old that you are opting out of social security and medicare.

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What business would you like to see open downtown?

JWL Brewery Supply just opened at Orchards Corner Mall on Bob Billings last month.
He has all your home brewing supplies. Nice guy.
A Handcrafts store just opened this summer in Orchards Corner Mall on Kasold. Run by family, they offer paint it yourself ceramics, fused glass and other projects.
There's two down, y'all! just leave downtown!

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Statehouse Live: People rally at Capitol to protest Brownback policies

There are many people who support family values, I don't believe many of them are politicians.
Those "Christian Politicians" in Washington are merely putting on a show for you and your friends while they meet in their Freemason compounds after dark to worship the Devil.

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Statehouse Live: Legislative committee seeks answers on SRS office closures

whatever b*tch got that $97,000 salary had better start praying for sammie's assassins to be caught!!!

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Man transported to Kansas City area hospital following downtown altercation

Um, Topeka striking would have read "Man transported with Gunshot wounds"

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