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Vulgar license plates are OUTALUK in Kansas

begin the big brother censorship of brownbackistan.
I guess i'll never get that tag that reads FKOFNDI, or SUICIDE, or BOOBIES. Whatever. Why does it even matter what people pay extra to have on their own plate?
I've heard MCH2MCH about this crap already.
Too bad i'm 2PR2MV

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Wichita advocates to take anti-fluoride movement across state, nation

Fluoridation of water came about when the nuclear and atomic weapons project needed somewhere to dump all of the by product fluoride leftover from production. It is not pure fluoride that is used in water. It is not necessary for your health. With a little research, one can find that areas of this country that had high naturally occurring levels of fluoride in the water, were areas where people suffered severe tooth decay, where the bones were literally eaten away in their mouth. There is so much research that proves it is harmful and still they tell us all lies. Did you know that if a young child consumes too much fluoride, it will build up in the teeth and bones, causing visible changes to the skeletal structure that are permanent including bone cancer? See link
And dental care for the poor? Not buying that excuse. Health departments offer fluoride treatments at cheap prices or even free for poor children and adults.
I want to know how much money our city spends to fluoridate the water, where they are buying it from, and which rich republican is this state is lining their pockets while we fill our bellies with their poison.

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Lawrence reptile, amphibian expert dies at age 72

Joe was one of the most wonderful people I have had the opportunity to serve in my life. Anytime I was having a rough day, he had humor to offer or advice to share. His spirit was seldom down, and thus his presence could lift my spirits, too. He was so enthusiastic about whatever organization or event he had scheduled for each day, even if it was only taking his wife and her mother out for a day of shopping. I'm glad at least, that he got to go to Florida one last time, as he went every winter to enjoy the beautiful weather there with Suzanne. He was a regular at my coffeehouse, and my morning and afternoon will seem a little empty for a while without him. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

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Town Talk: City's sales tax collections on the rise; local tech company lands $5 million investment; 715 looking to open new event space; Ninth and Penn site set for upgrade

Inflation of price of goods = people pay more for goods they require = higher amount of sales tax per purchase = larger sales tax totals
any person that buys anything knows this is how it works.....and that the amount brought in through sales tax is thus inflated and won't go any farther in the budget than a lower amount would have years ago because the price of goods is higher, and labor costs never go down either. Budgets are broken through fiat money system.

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Taxing the rich


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Protesters ready for long occupation of South Park

And what did you do to earn your share, big boy?
Did you fall out of an ugly tree at 18 and have great credit and a good-paying job and no debt with a brand new house?
If you have taken tax deductions for anything (including children), those are a form of "public welfare", so sorry to break that to you, Bub.

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What is your favorite wintertime food?

I second your Ham and Beans w/cornbread!!!
Nothing better than a hot bowl of ham and beans after shoveling snow or chopping firewood in the winter.

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Appeals court strikes down funeral protest ban aimed at Westboro Baptist Church

I say when good ol' Freaky Fred himself is Dead, everyone should "peacefully picket" his funeral. Signs like "Fred is Dead God Bless This Day" "Burnin' Inferno Awaits for Haters" "Taken Away to Satan" will be appropriate for his memory.

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It took awhile to get my door, but it's good as new now. Thanks, guys!

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Audit of marriage incentive disputed

Common Law marriage is recognized by the state of Kansas.
There is no requirement of length of time lived together or that you have children, only that both the man and woman recognize each other as husband and wife and hold each other out to be spouses to the public. It is legal under Common Law Marriage to file taxes together as Married and be a family unit, sharing all household expenses and incomes. If you never move out of the state, you are married until you File for Divorce in the Court System.
Therefore, why does it matter if people go the courthouse and pay for a piece of paper (that isn't even necessary for one to have their name changed), and doesn't prove "marriage" to some insurance companies (that rely solely on how you filed your taxes)?
It is only an attempt by Brownback to find excuses to force his religious fanaticism into the politics of Kansas.

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