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Temporary closure of 15th/Bob Billings Parkway this summer upsets neighbors; city proposes new detour in hopes of alleviating concerns

It can already take two or three light cycles to turn westbound onto Bob Billings from Northbound Iowa. The traffic going straight is generally backed up enough during rush hour that you can't get into the left turn lane anyway.

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If you could change or improve something in Lawrence, what would it be?

Yes! This is the change we need....more cowbell, indeed!

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If marijuana were legal would you smoke it?

Um, since when did people wait for things to be legal? I mean, during prohibition, there was lots of booze to go around, and the laws changed to keep up with the times. Legalize it or don't, we're already a nation living in High Times.

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Do you think it would be a good idea for Kansas to legalize marijuana?

man, i don't know if we have enough couches for everybody that will be sitting around blazing up that couch-lock 'dro all day......let's legalize and find out!

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For Washington state, legal pot — and now what?

Cannabis was only outlawed to protect the nylon rope industry from hemp growers because hemp was a superior product and nylon wouldn't have been able to compete. There used to be laws in this country for legal production of drug grade cannabis. That being said, the only thing keeping it federally illegal is the push from Big Pharma because cannabis is a more effective alternative to hard painkillers that are addictive and profitable. If cannabis is ever completely legalized, across the board, we can count on super-companies like Monsanto to try and patent the DNA of the engineered plant in order to own the drug component of cannabis, as well as to create strains that cannot reproduce, the way they have done with all of our food, messing with the genetics. Just so many things to consider. And the least of these worries should be whether your waiter or whoever working wherever is high or not. Drunk people are way more dangerous, and pill poppers. LEGALIZE!

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For Washington state, legal pot — and now what?

Hate to break it to you, mass production of marijuana already generates tax dollars. When growers buy supplies and pay utilities, pay property taxes, when dispensaries pay those same expenses, they are all paying taxes. And yes, it wastes those tax dollars when people get busted for a joint. Let's get rid of the DEA total condemnation of marijuana use.

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Kobach touts success of Kansas photo ID law

So I want to know, does the law REQUIRE that the poll persons called my NAME ALOUD when i gave them my ID and when i turned in my ballot, my ballot number was CALLED ALOUD for the intake table to hear and RECORD on their paperwork? That seemed very strange to me as a voter, and seems to prevent my vote from being anonymous. I left the poll extremely angry. Not only did the poll invade my privacy by requiring my ID but also my sense of self and privacy to all the other voters there, calling my name out like that, and they did it for EVERY SINGLE PERSON. WTF?

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Supporters of DREAM Act rally against Kobach

I think I read that right, "....we want to contribute." That means they want to use water, electricity, gas, real estate, schools, hospitals, retail stores.....that equals LOTS of MONEY brought in on TAXES that they WANT to pay!! That's marvelous! If only every AMERICAN wanted to PAY all those taxes. Kobach is a complete Koch brothers tool, bought and paid for just like all the other Koch puppets. The masters are pulling his strings, but somehow can't make him close his fat mouth from saying things that completely support our accusations of him being a bigot, a racist, a cruel person, and an idiot moron of a public official, a joke.

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After Black Friday, store owners touting Small Business Saturday

When you spend money at a small business that buys their supplies and products locally, you are supporting your local jobs market, sales tax bracket, and your city and county, not to mention the families that bust their balls every day so that you can pay that 25 % extra tomorrow and each day after.
When you spend money at big box stores, that money will mostly be sent away from our state, and even out of our country. So patriotic of you, DRsmith.

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