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Equal rights

Christ is a fictional character. Might as well have Super Man change them.

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Obama’s stand on mosque insensitive, GOP says

My husband died there on 9/11. It was the most horrific day of my life and for that of our children. As a family member of a victim, I feel it's important (though painful) that the mosque not be blocked out of fear and hatred. That's just cementing part of the terrorists efforts to tear apart ur great county. I don't appreciate people trying to speak on my behalf in this matter, nor do other families, I'm sure. Fear not, right? Take a stand. They have not beaten us, nor will they ever. I refuse to be a victim, as does the remainder of my family. We stand together, strong, as Americans. We have to move on at some point. I support the mosque and our freedom of religion. I don't need the president or GOP to baby me and be "sensitive" to how I "feel". There are bigger issues in the country. Focus on those or get out of the way.

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Library expansion plan gaining momentum

Looking forward to voting against the expansion! What a ridiculous waste of money...

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Are you glad or sad that the TV show 'Lost' is coming to an end?

It was a great show. I'll miss it terribly!

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‘Lost’ finale addresses questions


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Have-nots hurting

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ouch! Now THAT hurt! Thank you, Mr. Right Wing, for a good laugh this afternoon. ;)

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Have-nots hurting

Sure. Blame the government for this. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps the problem here was the loan originators and their greed? I have personally witnessed loan originators falsify loan documents to the underwriters due to their desire to have the loans approved so that they could receive their commission checks. No loan approval, no commission. Not everything is as black and white as what you obviously wish it could be.

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Kansas House votes to override abortion bill veto; measure moves to Senate

Wow. When you put it that way, I'm totally going to thank my mother for giving birth to me, then running off with a stranger and leaving me with a father who used me as a sexual plaything! Thanks for enlightening me. Thank my mother. That's a good one! I would rather have been aborted.

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More families seeking help for holidays this year

Honeydew--I also have a space heater and some extra blankets and pillows to help you out if you'd like them.

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Pelosi, Reid leadership warrants praise

Good Christian people! That's right--keep attacking and judging and whining and complaining. Don't bother to look for solutions or try to help make things better. Yep--good Christians. Good Republicans. Good sheep. HA! Give me a freaking break.

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