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Opinion: Trump unfit … so what are we?

OK Bob, I'll try.

The answer is: we don't! Clinton said that half of Trump's supports are "deplorable".
It's you who are assigning hat adjective to police, veterans and the military.

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University leaders share personal concerns about guns on campus

Not exactly, Pete. It may not be his house, but it IS his home. And home is where one
should able to feel safe. On the other side of the coin, would you say that the Castle
Doctrine might not apply for a person living in a rental house depending on the landlord's preferences?

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Letter to the editor: Sad Kansan

Does the point really have to be repeated that site of the conference is irrelevant to the
observation that attendees from around the world were aware that foolish policies in
Kansas were causing problems?

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Kansas senator's comments on Supreme Court nominee stir up conservatives

The U.S. Constitution states that the Senate is to provide advise and consent for a Supreme Court nomination by the President. For a Senator to obstruct or refuse to act on this process is a direct violation of his/her oath of office.

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Letter: School alarm

Shane, here's what required to teach at a public school in Kansas:

Kansas Teaching Certification. All Kansas educators need a state-issued certification to teach. To qualify for licensure, Kansas candidates must have a bachelor's degree, complete an approved teacher preparation program, pass the required tests for their licensure area, and submit all necessary licensure forms and fees ...

Does $49K seem like too much for this amount of preparation? If teachers were simply babysitters they would make about 140days x 6hrs/day x $5/hr x 25kids = $105K.

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Letter: Public education

This is a pretty strong statement, Bart. Care to describe your own educational experience and how you came to your conclusions?

February 18, 2016 at 10:26 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas Senate president: No rush to write new school funding formula

Gee Sam, reminds you of the time when you were a monkey, or do you do safaris? Do you actually believe that support for public education is now an extremist left-wing position?

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Letter: It’s still socialism

The study you cite says: "Exactly how Americans define "socialism" or what exactly they think of when they hear the word is not known."
Traditionally, the term meant government ownership of all means of production and provision of services. Most would see this as a negative. If, however, it is taken to mean government provision of certain programs that benefit citizens but are not well served by the market system, more might see it as a positive. So this poll result does not really tell us much.

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Letter: GOP failures

Bart, I wonder what period you're referring to. Was it the early 1800s when to government marched the natives off of lands they had occupied for centuries? Maybe mid century when the government went to war to control the rights of individuals to own other individuals? Later when the government gave away land it didn't exactly own to the railroads? Or maybe when the actions of the late 19th century robber barons caused the government to rein them in with anti-trust legislation.

A government by and for the people is not going to be a small government. A small government is one easily controlled by the few. Dictatorships are small. You should rethink your ideas on the concept of "government".

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Sustainability board votes to work on proposal to reduce plastic bag use

The carry-home plastic bags weigh 1/7 as much as a TJ's size paper bag. A good bagger can probably get about twice as much into a paper bag, but this weight difference makes paper a larger contributor to the total carbon footprint. Also the plastic bags have built-in handles and are easier to carry.

Plastic bags can be bought on the internet for about $20 per 1000.

Paper recycling takes a lot of water. Although plastic bags apparently don't mix well with other recycling streams, grocers in many areas have recycling bins just for bags. Use them!

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