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Kansas officials react to Charlottesville violence and Trump's comments

I think that your point was that Bernie Sander's policies and communism are one and the same. If your point is other than that, then I guess it did go over my head. In any case, your point, as I see it, is made either from ignorance or from an attempt to mislead because it is simply wrong.

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Opinion: The right wing's war on journalism

I do, Bob. But the documents were never proven to be fake. Consensus is that the information they contained was most likely accurate.

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I've silenced Kris Kobach on the issue of voter fraud

Could it be Alzheimer's?

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Letter to the editor: ‘Fool me twice’ folks

Hey Fred, check out Federalist Paper #68 in which Hamilton spells out the intent of the EC. It was actually a pretty good idea but its implementation has been perverted. If it had worked as intended, it could have prevented the situation we now find ourselves in.

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Letter to the editor: Hypocrisy display

A couple of things you should know, Brock. The EC was created to overrule the vote of the people in instances where the people had made an obviously bad choice. It was not to be a rubber stamp for the state;s result. (See Federalist Paper 68.) It did not work as intended in 2016.

At the time the Second Amendment was written, it was widely felt that a militia of citizen soldiers could avoid the need for a standing army. In this situation, a universally armed populace was to be encouraged. Well, conditions changed but, unfortunately, the words did not and we are left with a never ending source of contention and vitriol.

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Jenkins explains timing of retirement announcement

Mr. Bloss, Term limits are a bad idea unless they could be applied to the lobbyists who steer
much of what happens in the legislative houses. With the limits, a fresh crop of newbies
arrive each term, and guess who's there to show them the ropes. "Professional politician"
has come to be a pejorative term but it should not be. It takes time foe even the most well
intentioned legislator to learn to be an effective representative. Experience does not equal

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Letter to the editor: Rural vs. urban

Another ideologue equating a government that provides services to its citizens with socialism...
And BTW, it can be strongly argued that the prospect of the USSR coming into the war against Japan was the real incentive for Japan's surrender, not the A-bomb. Capitulation to the U.S. would be far better for Japan than to the Russians, with whom they had fought (and won) a bitter war just a few decades before.

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Letter to the editor: Not deplorable

This LTE writer may have a lot of great academic credentials, but he gets a D- in reading comprehension for this. Clinton did not say that ALL Trump supporters were deplorable.
Read the full text provided by a commentor above.

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Opinion: Trump unfit … so what are we?

OK Bob, I'll try.

The answer is: we don't! Clinton said that half of Trump's supports are "deplorable".
It's you who are assigning hat adjective to police, veterans and the military.

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University leaders share personal concerns about guns on campus

Not exactly, Pete. It may not be his house, but it IS his home. And home is where one
should able to feel safe. On the other side of the coin, would you say that the Castle
Doctrine might not apply for a person living in a rental house depending on the landlord's preferences?

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