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Has the Assassination Changed Your Opinion of the Candidates?

It quickly became clear that the Republic-nots are more interested in supporting authoritarian rule in middle east countries than "bringing democracy" to the world.

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Benazir Bhutto

Lets us not forget that God = Yahweh = Allah=Whatever and to think that you somehow were placed in America by will of some force makes me weep. Luck of the womb, some DNA and a shared look between your parents...After all, if being born in the US was part of destiny, I would hope you would be on your way to curing cancer or negotiating a lasting peace between MU and KU.

As for Bhutto, the people of Pakistan may have liked her, I don't know, but her party was rife with corruption. She was annointed by the US as an acceptable foil to Musharref and her presence will be missed. Unfortunately, it would seem that there is no "Plan B" to continue the push toward political liberalization. I wonder how long 'til martial law?

There is no "Christainized America" too much porn to download...

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Hotel's design spurs comment

Build it with 150 Rooms, 150' tall please.

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Victim, attorney ask that former teacher be spared prison

There is a certain truth to the whole women abusers get lighter sentances than men do, but this seems to stem largely from the fact that we as a society seem to want to not believe that women are predators and that boys will be boys. The whole steaming bag of hormones is really the pivot. I wonder how this would have gone down if it was a lesbian situation?

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Tax parity

Tax every estate upon the death of the estate holder @ 25% for every dollar 2M to 5M and 50% for every dollar above $5m, adjust for inflation and make it an constitutional amendment. No exceptions.

Concentration of wealth is anti-democratic and immoral.

Let the fruit of your loins fend for themselves (well, ok, with 50% of daddy's dollars)

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Muslim belief

Would it be in bad taste if I dressed up like an evangelical preacher and just took money out of people's wallets, suggest that the US government kill certain world leaders, saying "praise jesus" and telling homosexuals that they are going to hell? (All the time buying crank off of a male protitute during sleepover massage dates?)

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Final, KU wins 30-24

What a game!

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Reading aloud at KU

Banning books is hilarious.

Words are dangerous.

Thinking about the words is more dangerous.

Thinking about the words you just read and applying the results of these thoughts are the most dangerous.

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Height issue

Grow up instead of out. Build that sucker 45 stories and it will look awesome.

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When the music's over

Grace Potter was so hot I can hardly stand it.

Smashy Smashy!

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