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Lawrence man bound over for trial in alleged rape of 11-year-old

Wow. These parent should be on trial as well. But in Douglas county he may get a lil more than 60 days in jail and 96 mos probation. Thats their policy. This county does nothing to protect our children. Make them register slap their hands and let them go home so they can do it again only learn how to hide things more. Thats all they will do.

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Alcohol attitudes

I beg to differ there Kim. I am saddened by your loss however if he originally lived in another state he should have been taken home after getting kicked out of the dorm.
Had this been my son, I would have brought his spoiled ass home, made him get a job, pay his own tuition at a college nearer where I could keep an eye on him. If he wants a babysitter than he should have done this so he could be the one to do it and not place the responsibility on someone else to care for his ADULT kid. Also if there is drinking involved like there is in all dorms and frats (if you believe different you should not pay to send your kid away from college and if you do expect some kind of incident) Also YES he should have read the freakin fine print! This is not attending pre-school. This is paying for your kid even though he is and adult to live in a frat. With all the things in the news about Frats as a parent he should have went through ANY information with a fine tooth comb. This incident could have been prevented in his home town. Thats where he should have went after being kicked out of the dorm.

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Father says alcohol killed son, urges KU fraternity to ban drinking

Again, it doesnt matter who served him the drinks. Its all about choices. He made poor choices and he paid the price.
I understand that the family is grief stricken but cmon really blaming the alcohol is like when the kid a couple of months ago died in the car accident and injured 3 others. There was no one to blame for him getting behind the wheel but himself. This situation is the same.
The parents are not to blame here. You can instill everything you can in these kids but ultimatley its going to be THEIR choice.
The article needs to be less about blaming and more on about how you can make better choices in your life or you can end up like this young man.
Underage drinking is wrong however you are totally naive if you believe that it does not happen.
I do agree that it was a poor choice that this young man went from one situation where he was asked to leave the dorms to a frat house. Had my son gotten kicked out of the dorms, he would be working his butt off and paying for his own off campus place. Im not going to pay the money for him to be in a Frat where I know there is alcohol (again if you didnt think that there would not be heavy drinking there you are naive).

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Father says alcohol killed son, urges KU fraternity to ban drinking

First of all my thoughts and prayers are with this family.
WIth that being said, the only one to put any responsibility on is this young man. The father said that alcohol is to blame, some are saying the frat, the father, KU. When is someone going to say that its NOT the alcohol that killed him but the poor judgement of this young man. He had a problem if he was drinking this much and no one saw this? He made poor decisions and these decisions are what killed him and nothing else!

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Fire leaves resident without a home again

I have also gone through a fire and its rough. Look at it this way you can at least use golf as a stress reliever since the clubs made it through. My best wishes to you through this hard time. SRS can give you a list of community aid for fire victims and other disasters call them it was a huge help and the red cross was wonderful but I know that right now from what I understand their resources are low.

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President to send 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan

If you dont stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them!!!!

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Nearly 10,000 KU employees — almost half students — spend tense two days

Is KState going through the same thing?

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Nearly 10,000 KU employees — almost half students — spend tense two days

Pogo there are some discounts as an employee you can get however making enough money at KU to pay for tickets to lied and some of the other things dont really even out if you use them.
The facilities Op (groundskeepers etc) dont make enough money I do agree with you there. On top of that Alot of them work on west 15th street where no students are and they have parking just for those employees and KU still makes them pay for a sticker for their vehicles to park in that lot. That does not make sense to me. If you dont have the sticker you get a ticket. These folks are working hard everyday alot of them out in any weather element and they do not park on what is considered main campus. So now they are having to pay for their parking sticker to go to work and not getting paid WHAT A CROCK! Then to let them know this the day before they are to get paid. Alot of us are pay period to pay period. A lil notice would have been nice.
My hubby had no friends or relatives working for KU when he got hired so Im not sure where your other comment is based from.

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Do you have a Facebook account?

I have Facebook and love it. I get to talk with family and get to talk with my nephew and his wife who are in Iraq. I post pics of the growing kids that they wouldnt get to see otherwise unless I used snail mail. They save all the pics to their computer and print or burn them to a disc when they get home. To the user that didnt like 16 yr olds to want them to be friends-Thats the good part about fb because you can choose not to add them and even have them blocked. You can also limit your page to be viewed by only those on your friends list. This way you know its only your personal friends and family that can see and not the pervs.

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Two injured in accident at 23rd and Massachusetts

Actually wereallmonkeys I would like them not to print the story until they have all the facts, why get people worried and upset over nothing. They can sit on it a bit until all the facts come through. They have a section about accidents and can put this stuff there until the full story can be published not this rubbish. If you dont know everything dont print it.

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