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Storms cause widespread power outages in Kansas

Wichita tornado cause some damage just outside of Argonia. US-160 shutdown there.

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Heard on the Hill: Playing the KU fight song over the intercom in Mo. elementary school leads to irate parents; more details emerge on KU drug lawsuit win; LSU provost search continues

I want to see them say that their giving up their share of the Big 12's basketball tournament money since (according to these bozo's) they are already in the SEC.

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Have you ever purchased alcohol for someone under age 21?

It should have said for someone under the drinking age. I bought plenty back when 18 was legal.

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Senate OKs increased fines for Kansas Highway 10; bill now moves to House

Well if you don't like the fine increase, then don't speed. As for the cables, they help stop the crossovers, but not the crashes. I think one thing the state can do is repaint the lines and add some reflectors on the road edge. You can barely see the lines on a dark night, especially after a rain, on most of this road.

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City agrees to rename street for Fambrough

I think it would be cool if there was an apostrophe S after Fambrough... Fambrough's Way and Fambrough's Drive. He had a Way that he did things and the Drive to do it.

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Sheahon Zenger’s pick: Take it or Leavitt

Just read Bob Lutz's article on Kansas.com. A better article by far.

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Are you happy with your wireless Internet speed?

My Speed is great... when it works.

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Prep big man Kaleb Tarczewski to visit KU, UA

I thought it was the NCAA that didn't clear Anderson. What it really the Big XII?

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Return to the top: Big 12 honors D.J. Beshears’ play-making for second time in career

Now the 28yd/return average, that's something to cheer for.

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Return to the top: Big 12 honors D.J. Beshears’ play-making for second time in career

Why are we proud of him having 7 returns and tieing the record? Given that a teams get one 'free' return per game (one of the kickoffs that start a half), that means they scored on us 6 times.

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