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City wins $1.2 million grant to restore Santa Fe depot

The was an article a few weeks ago in the Wichita Eagle about extending the line from Okie City north to Wichita (and I assume Newton). That way Amtrak will have a KC-San Antonia line.

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Long-term plan suggests toll lanes on K-10 corridor

Where do most of the Lawrence people work in the KC Metro? I-70 takes people to to downdown KC and K-10 gets people to the Overland park offices. Looks to me that there needs to be road to get people between the two locations.

Looking at the road map, I say they should make K-10 6-lanes from Lawrence to just east of Desoto. From there they can keep the road as it is if they build another 4-lane highway northeast to connect to Shawnee Mission Parkway where it ends at K-7. This should give the people that need to get between the two meccas a quicker less hassled way to get there.

Then again, I don't go to Mission so I don't know how the Parkway would congest with new traffic.

Now for the outer loop. It is needed, but not everywhere. I can't see it going any farther west/north than the present I-435. But the south and east side of the metro desperately need it. I-435E from I-35 to the I-70 exit can be nightmares. It will get better if construction ever gets finished, but I wreck snares up traffic for miles. I-470 was built as a southeast loop, but there are only enough lanes until you get to the US-50 exit. After that you have 4 narrow lanes until it ends just north of I-70 at Independence Center.

I would problably put it around 175th-179th St from I-35 to the MO border an then turn it northeast to connect to MO-150 "Outer Belt Road". Then somewhere between Lees Summit and Lone Jack, turn it north to connect with I-70 between Oak Grove and Grain Valley. There is already enough spoke roads (US-69, Mission Rd., Holmes, I-49, etc.) to get people to the center of the city. If you need a west loop from I-35 to I-70 at Bonner Springs, just move K-7 to the west side of Olathe and hook it in.

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Rottweiler attack leaves Lecompton Chihuahua with life-threatening injuries

And what percentage of total attacks? I'll agree that they are more dangerous when they attack, but only because they are not as easy to punt as a chihuahua.

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Manziel is first freshman Heisman Trophy winner

Lets see, Manziel threw and ran for more yards while going 5-2 against bowl teams (if you get to count the C-USA and Southland teams they beat). Klien was lower in yardage in both categories while being 8-1 against bowl eligible teams (all BCS by the way). Humm, looks like K-State played against tougher competition. Big 12: 9 of 10 teams going to bowl games = 90%. SEC: 9 of 14 teams going to bowl games = 64%. So compare the numbers and the SEC is the better conference only because it is owned by ESPN. A&M also finished 5th in their conference and were fortunate enough not to have to play Georgia or South Carolina.

Now I am happy that since they are really still a Big 12 team this year playing in the "mightly" SEC and did so well. I wish they could have beat Florida and LSU and won their conference too.

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Manziel is first freshman Heisman Trophy winner

One game won this for him. He beat EPSN's darling team and ESPN had to come up with a reason why. So they push and made him the winner to make their number team in their number one league look better.

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Dole tries, fails to persuade Republicans, including Sens. Roberts and Moran, to vote for treaty for disabled

Disagree. We need two rational parties in this country. The only thing holding the Dems together is their agreement to go against whatever there Reps want. The DNC was a mess.

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Sportswriter Deford coming to KU in February to receive William Allen White citation

Why isn't this being done at Emporia State?

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KU pulls out of deal for sports complex at NW corner of Sixth and SLT, proposes plans for larger complex on new site

I guess I should have paid more attention to this. I always thought it was going to be placed on the northeast corner. The NW corner is stupid since since it is across K-10 from the city. With it on the NE corner, you could have better access. Not only could you build a nice 4-lane street from 6th street, you could continue Wakarusa all the way west to E902 Rd, K-10 (w/ a new interchange) and N1663 Rd. It would also keep it on the side of K-10 that already has the hike/bike trail.

While I'm at it: FSHS - put in a centralized parking lot west of the football field and north of baseball/softball fields. Give it access to Wakarusa at a couple places. Having to park on the east side of the school and walking around it sucks.

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Supreme Court ruling vindicates Obama on health care

This just tells me that Big Insurance and Big Banking have taken over running everything from Big Oil since the last election. The next new law will probably require everyone to have auto insurance even if they don't own a car.

Now the part of the bill where states have to set up an insurance comparison website site, I can agree to that. States should help their citizens find whats best for them.

And since I said Big Banks above, I'll add this. Why is Congress trying to figure out where they are going to get the money to have Banks charge only 3.8% interest or what ever it currently is? Is Congress paying the banks or what - why do we money to say "Sorry, Big Banks, you are only allowing to make this much from students."??

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Kansas University basketball team to take European vacation

For the Zurich stay, I suggest the Best Western Hotel Montana. Priced right, American-sized beds, good resturaunt, close to the train station and downtown sight seeing. For a really good braut, walk thru the train station/mall and go down Brohnhofstrasse a few blocks and on the right just on the other side of Tiefenhofe (I think that's the street). Then continue on down to the lake and take the sight-seeing cruise.

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