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Protesters demonstrate in front of Lawrence Hobby Lobby over company's stance on birth control

I don't see what the big deal is all about. It is still a free country, though not as free as it use to be. Nobody is making people work at Hobby Lobby. Nobody is making people buy stuff at Hobby Lobby. Go to Michael's instead. Work at Michael instead. Or someplace else.

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Joel Embiid to announce future plans at news conference today

Will it be broadcast on radio or tv?

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ROTC exercise will bring Black Hawk helicopters to Lawrence

Do you know if the Blackhawks plan to do any training with the Lawrence Civil Air Patrol Squadron tonight?

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City plans to begin offering classes at Rock Chalk Park recreation center in early September

With all this is costing... is it being built to Olympic standards? If Sochi, why not Lawrence? More would have to be built, but the city & KU would have 12 yrs to do it. Holding some of the events in KC would lessen/share the burden.

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Tire tracks, ditched cars point to danger on K-10, Eudora business owner says

I think a more important problem with K-10 is the line paint. When it is dark and there is any amount of rain, the lines just disappear. When it is like that, you just have to feel your way down the road by staying between the rumble strips on the side. I'm sure some people hit the rumble strips and then over correct.

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Mizzou’s Pinkel pines for return of Border War

I don't have a problem playing a Missouri team every year in football and backetball. As long as it is Missouri State.

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Location of Superman's hometown sparks geographic divide

I always thought Clark was from somewhere in NE Kansas and Dorothy was from the SW corner. At least we know Mary Ann lived on a farm between Winfield and Oxford.

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Lawrence gas station owner gets caught up in national battle with Big Oil over future of ethanol

From what I've seen, most stations are using pumps with a single hose to dispence the different octanes and don't have the capability to add a second hose. Therefore new pumps most also be purchased.

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City wins $1.2 million grant to restore Santa Fe depot

The was an article a few weeks ago in the Wichita Eagle about extending the line from Okie City north to Wichita (and I assume Newton). That way Amtrak will have a KC-San Antonia line.

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Long-term plan suggests toll lanes on K-10 corridor

Where do most of the Lawrence people work in the KC Metro? I-70 takes people to to downdown KC and K-10 gets people to the Overland park offices. Looks to me that there needs to be road to get people between the two locations.

Looking at the road map, I say they should make K-10 6-lanes from Lawrence to just east of Desoto. From there they can keep the road as it is if they build another 4-lane highway northeast to connect to Shawnee Mission Parkway where it ends at K-7. This should give the people that need to get between the two meccas a quicker less hassled way to get there.

Then again, I don't go to Mission so I don't know how the Parkway would congest with new traffic.

Now for the outer loop. It is needed, but not everywhere. I can't see it going any farther west/north than the present I-435. But the south and east side of the metro desperately need it. I-435E from I-35 to the I-70 exit can be nightmares. It will get better if construction ever gets finished, but I wreck snares up traffic for miles. I-470 was built as a southeast loop, but there are only enough lanes until you get to the US-50 exit. After that you have 4 narrow lanes until it ends just north of I-70 at Independence Center.

I would problably put it around 175th-179th St from I-35 to the MO border an then turn it northeast to connect to MO-150 "Outer Belt Road". Then somewhere between Lees Summit and Lone Jack, turn it north to connect with I-70 between Oak Grove and Grain Valley. There is already enough spoke roads (US-69, Mission Rd., Holmes, I-49, etc.) to get people to the center of the city. If you need a west loop from I-35 to I-70 at Bonner Springs, just move K-7 to the west side of Olathe and hook it in.

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