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Consultants raise concerns about proposed LMH wellness center at city's new recreation center

Reading about this Rec Center daily and all the trials, tribulations, underhanded dealings...all typical Lawrence stuff when you have a group of commissions and mayor who are trying not to rock the boat of the "powers that be". Let's not make business people unhappy because they might not frequent our establishment. Let's not make the upper class unhappy, they may not buy a house from my wife or get us KU tickets. And the list goes on. I feel badly for them trying to please so many people...at the expense of the taxpayers The Lawrence system of government has always been a joke and always will be. I've been in other towns where they say "Oh Lawrence is where you play ring around the rosy to elect your mayor, right?" or "doesn't everyone get a chance to be mayor there?" I am just amazed that there hasn't been a HUGE upheaval from the Common Joe saying we won't take this any more...and I'm right in there to blame for no action so don't get me wrong. Wondering if the next set of elected officials will be on "our" side (Joe the taxpayer trying to get by) or on "their" side (the upper class, $7m realtor spouse, businessman/landowner...and the list goes on). WE need representation and this is a perfect of example of how our elected officials have failed us once again. Thinking it is time for our family to move on....

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