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Editorial: Kasold questions

There is plenty of tested engineering support of the features posed for the pending Kasold Dr. improvement. Those of us taking a stand, particularly those of us who may oppose a three-lane roadway, would be well-served to be familiar with the ample body of facts, rather than mere unfounded opinion.

Here's the City's link to virtually limitless information regarding transportation design and the direction Lawrence has elected to take, policy-wise:


...Guided by unfounded opinion, we would still be smoking inside Lawrence restaurants and bars, we would still have no South Lawrence Trafficway and [on a dramatic and far grander plane] we would still condone discrimination and institutionalized racial segregation in Lawrence as we did in the 70s and generations prior, etc. ...Back to nuts-and-bolts, we would certainly have no roundabouts around here [where global and local data irrefutably shows the initially disquieting devices to profoundly reduce accidents and improve traffic flow.]

Hopefully, the LJW and any Lawrencian exercising influence and power will be truly informed with regard to the matter at hand. Perhaps the voices of doubt or opposition are unaided by bonafide facts; on the other hand, if facts indeed exist to show the Kasold Dr. proposal to be flawed from a safety or operational standpoint, please make them known.

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'Nightmarriage' — funnier than you think

This CTJohnston guy exhibits a combination of Jonathan Swift, Samuel Clemens, Hunt [ok, HuntER S.] Thompson, Phyllis Diller, Erma Bombeck and Anne Lamott. And a subtle hint of Vonnegut. With a pinch of one of the as-of-yet unpublished gospel writers. Ok, never mind all that -- Cicero with a big honkin' squeeze of early 20th Century bicycle horn. Whatev buy it read it man oh man.

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Retiring Lied Center director says he's proud of what venue provides for Lawrence

Thanks for your service, Tim, and for the many levels, layers and forms of cultural excellence you've helped facilitate. In the category of "smooth", you have no rival.

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City to consider approval of proposed housing development southeast of Sixth and SLT, near Langston Hughes Elementary

@kef104: the only statement you made that is accurate is the reference to "5000 sq feet per lot". The rest is random misinformation.

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This and that about Petco, AT&T Wireless store and Ross Dress for Less along South Iowa Street

Everybody knows you just like to use the word, "ensconced", CL. Not that I fault you for it ; ).

Thanks for the update.

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Recreation center debate causes commissioner to question 'relevance' of Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods; other notes from last night's Rock Chalk Park meeting

Poolside, please explain how Carter, or any City Commissioner for that matter, "gets a piece of the contract pie". That's a pretty condemning statement, and if it's unfortunately true we need to hear what you believe to be going down. Thanks in advance for your follow-up.

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Opinion: Advisory board member backs rec center

Thanks -- great input, jdawson. Your close involvement in allied areas of community work, esp. with P&R, lends a lot of credibility to the points being made by project proponents. Continued good luck with this initiative, which I believe will benefit everyone in Lawrence in some way.

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Lawrence Chamber of Commerce takes official stance in favor of $25M recreation center, proposed Rock Chalk Park

Doesn't really seem like a good night for adults to go on a bike ride to the supermarket and/or to socialize.

The naysayers weighing-in above have done:

a) _____ to increase Lawrence's quality of life;
b) _____ to lower taxes for average homeowners;
c) _____ to create public programs;
d) _____ to improve tourism revenue;
e) _____ to support those who produce payroll

Please, fill in the blanks to enhance the credibility of these individuals and to convince the rest of us to echo their message. Thanks.

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City to begin preparing for SLT, other growth projects in 2013

Mayor Schumm's observation is likely [hopefully] correct. Wow, exciting! Meanwhile, perennial name-callers and poopooers of all things resembling advanced civilization will have ample "reason" to decry the inevitable changes that accompany Lawrence vibrance. Counterproductive. Redundant. ...And hypocritical, in that those who habitually protest everything (e.g., needlessly offensive Music Man reference, above) will benefit as well. Never the less, happy to share with you such as we've got -- consider adopting a positive outlook and contributing something meaningful during this awesome phase in our history.

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