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Washing chickens ruffles some feathers

Ha ha ha ha....

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'Jayhawkers,' local film about Wilt Chamberlain, seeks funding

Rich people only want to hold on to their money. They don't care about anything else. Things like kickstarter enable people like us to support things we want to see made... art, music, movies... we can bypass the keepers and the middlemen and contribute directly to the things we want to see in the world. I for one want to see this movie, so I'm giving them the small amount of money that I can afford to give. it's a cool new world.

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Movie choice

Yes, let's ban a movie that's trying to make viewers think about society (violence and all). It's people like the woman who wrote this letter that is the problem with America!

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SafeBus adjusting services to meet demand

This is a great service.

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Local filmmaker wins Emmy award for editing short film

Congrats to him!

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City workers focus on saving trees

Weather experts have said this will be the new norm. We might be looking back on this summer saying this was the coolest one in memory.

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