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Low Hanging Fruit in Addressing Climate Change

Quick question. Is your 2.9 billion worldwide for 96 a typo? The Bureau of the Census lists for ww population for 1990 (they only list it every 10 years) has us at 5.3 billion. By the year 2000, ww population had grown to 6.1 billion. By those numbers listed for 96, China would have had roughly half the entire ww population, we would have lost 2.4 billion people in 6 years, and then regained 3.2 billion in 4 years.
Gotta get the numbers right to make the math work. And those don't seem even remotely plausible.

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Home Depot floored me with their lack of knowledge

Bingo on this. Home Depot does have an install option where they send an experienced and knowledgeable crew to do the work for you. Or you have the option of buying the materials and doing it yourself at a cheaper cost if you think you have the skills.

My father works at a Home Depot in the flooring department in Missouri. He's past retirement age, so this job suits him perfectly since he was a tradesman in tile, carpet, and vinyl among other things when he was younger. So he is a wealth of information in his store.

Once you buy the materials yourself, you're stuck with them. Not all of the people hired to direct you to the proper product in those stores will be experienced or skilled in whatever field you've decided to do yourself, since it was made to look so easy.

When work was scarce for me a few years back, I installed a number of laminate floors for custumers who decided on the diy method, got home, and realized they had no clue how to start the project, let alone know all the little tricks of the trade that allow you to do it properly. And the thing is, once you've bought the materials yourself, the option of using their installers is off the table.

They also have an installer to replace entry way doors, and a brand new, high quality storm door to go along with it. Not the cheap, pre-hung type of storm door, but Larsons and Andersons which are top of the line, but difficult to install without practice. he injured himself a few winters back, and had a number of storm doors that I was paid to install, as he had installed the entries and had had the storms on order.

I was lucky to be an independent with a connection that winter, and also happened to possess the skills to complete those jobs while they had my number. Because once you've bought it yourself, it's really your baby and they can't do it for you. They'll help wherever they can with advice, but many of these personnel were hired to direct the customer to the product they seek. You're lucky if one actually has experience and skills in any of these areas related to the product you've bought. If you decide to "do it yourself" to save money, you can hardly complain that Home Depot won't come do it for you when they advertise the warranteed installation, but you didn't like the price.

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Gunshots, Fireworks, Marijuana and a Flaming Toilet

What an amusing headline! Could it be that fireworks were confused with gunshots? A ceiling fan catching fire is not that surprising, but the toilet? That brings to mind so many questions!

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Gunshots, Fireworks, Marijuana and a Flaming Toilet

Penicillin deficiency?

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Building bombshells: North Lawrence photography studio rebuilds the female glamour shot

Good job John and Carol! Went to school with both of them, and yes their work is fantastic! I see their examples on my facebook wall all the time. My little sis absolutely loved hers.

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Climate change could have dangerous spider crawling northward

Their, they're.. Argghhh. I know the difference. The grammar police will be after me on that slip.

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Climate change could have dangerous spider crawling northward

Exactly, their legs keep their abdomens far enough off the ground to render any pesticedes useless unless you spray it directly on them. This was explained to me by an exterminator. If their in your walls, you have to either learn to live with them, or move (probably taking a few with you in the process).

They're not called recluse for no reason. They prefer to stay out of sight.

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Climate change could have dangerous spider crawling northward

AZ also is in the known habitation range of the desert recluse.

Really, if you live in an old house, you're likely infested and have no idea. I long ago took to shaking out clothes that I hadn't worn in a while because of this. They're almost impossible to exterminate considering where they choose to take up residence.

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Police investigating unattended death outside the Out House

I applaud the LJW for deciding to review the content of the posts in this thread before posting them.

I understand that the updates lead to some posts that seem to cause some confusion to later readers, but some of those comments removed (and some that remain) were just beyond insensitive. It leads me to believe that some of these people leaving those comments have never suffered such a loss, or they would have a little more empathy towards those that have been left devastated during what should be a happy time of year.

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Have you ever been involved in a vehicle collision with a deer?

"ljumped"...."shar"? Im a typo-matic dynamo this am... caffeine deficiency? Jumped and sharp, lest there be grammar nazis lurking about.

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