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Editorial: Guns on campus

I'm not sure why you find it interesting, but the break down of my personal experiences started when I was 7 years old and camping with my father in Northern California. At night while we were asleep in the trailer 2 men came around pounding on and woke us up. One stated "There are some bad eggs out here!" My father produced his .45, cocked it while the men watched through the windows and said "There's some bad eggs in here too.!" Both men literally hit the trails.
In the military I was trained as a 95-B (Military Police) and stationed in a South American country smack dab in the middle of the U.S's war on drugs. As you can imagine I sometimes was on the wrong end of the gun myself as were other troops. We had to defend ourselves and American interest against professional, hardened opposition as opposed to the opportunistic scum that attacked us in my father's truck 11 years previously.
Fast forward to the not too distant past and as I was walking home from the grocery store 4 blocks from my home I encountered several young men about half way home who decided to make sport of me by throwing beer bottles. I ignored the first one that hit my bag, and the second one that shattered in the street, but when a third wizzed past my head I set my groceries down, drew and cocked my pistol and drew down while stepping towards the db that just threw the bottle. They instantly became applogetic and polite when I asked it they wanted to throw another bottle at me. They were not sorry for what they did, they were sorry they picked the wrong guy to harrass with potentially fatal behavior. The fact that they didn't call the police proves they knew they were breaking the law. I didn't report it either which is another reason I belive statistics can't be accurate because alot of crimes stopped with ccws are not reported.
The final time was just two house's down for me this Spring. A house party was crashed and a mob of close to 40 people spilled out into the neighborhood. I am sure I'm not the only one who called the police, but in the 3 minutes it took them to arrive I had stopped several men from beating a man that was already down, chased away wanna be gangstas from my property, and covered people wanting to escape this mini riot. When the police arrived and saw me guarding my home, armed, they had no problem with it at all. It took 9 of them to restore order. I'm not saying my demeanor helped but I think it proves we ccw holders are not blood thristy hooligans waiting for a chance to shoot someone, just people who are security consious and belive in that being prepaired thing. I never thought there would be a riot next to my house, but I was prepaired and did what I could to protect life even while displaying the power to take it.

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Man charged with aggravated assault in pistol-whipping at pool hall

Has any gun hater ever stopped to think that if concealed weapons permit holders really wanted to use their guns they simply have to go out at night looking for trouble?
I don't know or care if the guy in the story was one, doubtful, but if he was he deserves to have his license shredded. Most of us are smart enough to avoid places where trouble may arise, and can sidestep it if it does with out relying on a pistol to talk for us.

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Editorial: Guns on campus

KU should be a leader in things other then our school of medicine.
Cowering over a newly worded "The streets will run red with blood." excuse is a lame way to show mature students who are consious of their personal security that they are safe on campus.
I'm sick of all the cliche arguments. Debates take place over facts, not emotions. Also where you get the facts makes little difference to a person like me who has been sucessfully defended by a firearm once as a child, several times in my military history, and twice less then two blocks from my own home. Not even taking into accound the daily protection citiziens recieve from armed police and our military.
Yeah, I'm biased and yes I believe that it's ultimately our own responsiblity to defend ourselves from threats. The boy scouts got it right with their motto "Be prepaired." which is something KU does not seem to be.

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